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Mc at 4 weeks - should i go to dr's?

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ladymoo Wed 26-Aug-09 14:14:49

Sorry just posted this on conception topic, not sure where it should go...

Have had heavy bleeding & clotting yesterday & today so pretty sure is mc. Do i need to go to gp? If so what would they do?

Thank you

Joolsiam Wed 26-Aug-09 14:24:03


I can imagine how you must be feeling, having been in this situation more than once myself.

At 4 weeks, I would guess the GP probably wouldn't do anything, but at least the MC would be on your records. It is a horrible thought and hopefully you will never need this, but you only get referred for investigations after 3 MC's

Don't forget that there may be hope - I've read plenty of stories on here about bleeding (esp when AF is due) and everything has been fine. Have you done another test ? With an early MC, the hormone level usually drops very quickly, so you'd know pretty soon if this is a confirmed MC. If the test is still positive, go to your GP - you won't get an early scan at this stage (too early) but you might get blood HCG tests which will tell you if the levels are rising (indicating continued pregnancy)

If you have abdominal pain, feverk strange smelling discharge or the bleeding continues for more than a week or gets very heavy, definitely see a GP

Hope that helps - and be kind to yourself - eat lots of chocolate and give yourself time to recover

pinotplease Wed 26-Aug-09 14:28:28

sorry to hear that. Not sure if docs is where to go or straight to A and E.. I went to A and E for the same reason. The nurse told me should always go if it happens. They tend to do a scan and then ask you to go back a week later for another scan so they can check everything has come out. Its not a pleasent experience but you need to make sure nothing has been left inside. Hope its all ok x

ladymoo Wed 26-Aug-09 14:47:40

Thanks guys, think i'll go to drop in dr's tomorrow as can't face a&e this arvo and don't feel too bad physically.

thanks so much for your help x

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