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...its the waiting that scares me

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Winterlady Thu 20-Aug-09 12:10:58

Hello all,

I found out a week ago that i was pregnant.. as i dont have regular periods i was unsure how many weeks i was. A few days ago when i went to the toilet and wiped i had a brownish discharge...i went to see my doctor who referred me to the Early Pregnancy Unit.

Today, at 9:15am i went for a scan i was told i am just 5 weeks pregnant and they can see a little black blob which she believes to be a sack the baby will grow into... BUT they cant see the baby or a heartbeat as i am so early on...sigh. I now have to wait 11 days to return to the Early pregnancy unit for another scan...sigh.

When i arrived home today after the scan i went to the toilet and now have pinkish blood when i wipe...sigh. It all makes me so sad. I dont know what to expect, i am so worried. I have 3 other children and cant just sit around resting..

My partner is trying to think positive and keep strong for me... its such an emotional time.

All you women out there who have been through this and your outcome has been either good or bad are all so brave and strong.

mafog Thu 20-Aug-09 12:18:19

I'm sorry that you have a wait to find out what is happening. It is very emotional, no matter which way it goes when you have signs such as bleeding. I found I had to take it days and hours at a time and just try to get through. Look after and be kind to yourself.

tigerbear Thu 03-Sep-09 18:00:37

Winterlady- how are you?

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