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3 miscarriages & preggers again...very worried!

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Daynee Thu 20-Aug-09 01:29:56

I am trying hard to enjoy grin this pregnancy but it's so hard after having 3 miscarriages (no children). sad I've had a bunch of tests done and basically nothing major is wrong. I have hypothyroid which I'm now taking the right dose of meds for. Other than that, I've been advised to take baby aspirin and progesterone...I guess that's what doctors suggest when they don't know what else to do! I'm just hoping it works hmm but I can't help thinking it's going to happen again because of some hidden cause. Could it have been as easy as baby aspirin and progesterone? I hope so. Have any of you ladies experienced a similar situation?

PolarBear74 Thu 20-Aug-09 08:03:26

Congratulations and everything crossed for you.

It worked for my cousin. She had 2 miscarriages and then for the 3rd and 4th she took the baby aspirin and now she has 2 lovely boys.

Hope all goes well.

amelied Fri 21-Aug-09 21:26:43


You have kindly replied and gave me support after my third miscarriage. I am thrilled to bits for you but can imagine how scared you are feeling at the moment.

How far on are you? I have been told to start taking baby asprin if/when I become pregnant again. I have been asking for progesterone as it seems to be a given in USA and Ireland after 3 miscarriages.

My Consultant wont give me it as she says in the UK there is no conclusive proof that progesterone helps maintain a pregnancy.

Am I remembering right that you are in the US??

Chuffed to bits for you x

spongebrainmaternitypants Sat 22-Aug-09 19:03:54

Daynee, many congrats on your pg.

I had two unexplained missed m/cs (1st one was a twin pg) and then took baby aspirin in my 3rd pg and now have a 14 mth old son. I am also 30 wks pg again, due in October.

It is possible to go onto have a successful pg after 3 m/cs. Whether the aspirin made any difference in our case we'll never know. I did find it very hard to enjoy the 3rd pg cos of the previous losses, but it does get easier as time goes on.

Best wishes x

Dozer Sun 23-Aug-09 20:21:41

Best wishes Daynee. There is a thread somewhere on this site especially for people who are pregnant again after recurrent m/c; and on the i-Village recurrent miscarriage support site. Other ladies in a similar situation etc.

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