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Went for an early scan at 7 weeks and there was only empty sac,when can i start trying again

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rosie15977 Tue 18-Aug-09 10:25:26

I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks last november and have been constantly trying since then.On the 30 July found out i was pregnant again, tried not to get my hopes up but couldn't help been overjoyed. Wasn't really having any symptoms which was worrying me as that is how i felt last time,no sickness or anything but put it out of my mind and tried to stay positve. On Sunday morning to my horror i started with a slight brown discharge, no pain and not all the time. I took it easy all day and eventhough it had almost stopped i called my GP first thing monday morning who got me an appointment at EPU there and then. They were brill and gave me an internal scan. Sadly there was nothing to see but a very early pregnancy sac and nothing else,they said it hadn't really got past conception but because pregnancy tests these days are so accurate is has detected the hormone. I am very sad but would like to try again asap.
Could somebody please tell me if it is true that you are more fertile straight after a miscarriage. Should we start again as soon as we can. How will i know when i will next ovulate? I would be very grateful for some advice. x

TheOnlyDailyMaleForMeisDH Tue 18-Aug-09 10:51:54

I conceived both DCs the month after my two miscarriages. Go to it. Just have sex every three days. If this happens again btw you should be referred to a consultant to see if they can discover why you are repeatedly miscarrying. (Your DH will have to go as well)

Good luck

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