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HCG levels - a bit confused. Can anyone help?

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zaramara Thu 13-Aug-09 16:26:18

I had a (natural) miscarriage on Monday sad. The midwife said my scan looked pretty much like that of a woman who wasn't pregnant as the womb lining was already thin because I'd lost so much blood at home before going to the hospital. However my blood test showed HCG levels were at 17,000. I was retested yesterday and it had fallen to 2000. I don't know if this is about average or faser or slower? Does anyone know?

DH and I really want to start TTC again soon. Any ideas how long it should take for HCG to get back to O? If I ovulate this month, I don't want to miss the boat.

Thanks for your help.

Kileyrs Fri 14-Aug-09 02:40:01

Hi Zaramara, I am not a doc or know all the answers you are looking for, however, I do know that most ob's tell you to wait at least 1-3 months to try to conceive again because everything should get back to zero first and if you get pregnant too soon without everything going back to normal you have the risk of another miscarriage.Just something I was told but definetly check with your doctor.Best wishes to you and your husband with your next go around.Me and my hub are in the process of trying again also.Hope this helps some! =)

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