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Did my GP miss my 'missed miscarriage'?

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BayeauxT Sun 09-Aug-09 22:04:34

Hi, after ERPC last week (missed miscarriage discovered at 12 week scan) I had a chance to look through my file and saw results of the HCG blood tests I'd had done when I was 6 weeks (when I had some light spotting) - was 76,000 and second taken 4 days later was 107,000... all I was told at time was that the levels had gone up and it was a "viable" pregnancy - I didn't think to ask what the levels were. Now have been looking into it and seems that at 6 weeks it should double every 3-4 days - which obviously it didn't. Would you raise it with the GP? I am OK about the actual miscarriage I think but struggling with the idea that I have "wasted" 6 weeks thinking I was pg when my scan showed it was all over at 6 weeks anyway... (getting on a bit so the clock is ticking!) Am I barking up the wrong tree do you think? Does it matter?

CMOTdibbler Mon 10-Aug-09 09:24:34

I think that because they went up quite a lot in the 4 days, they would normally consider that to be a viable pregnancy, so they didn't do anything wrong.

It's horrible having a MMC found at 12 week scan - my first was like yours. except I'd had no spotting or anything

zayja Mon 10-Aug-09 13:05:06

Hi BayeauxT,
I'm sorry for your loss, I think a MMC is particularly hard because it's "missed". I had the same thing happen at my 12w scan, but like CMOTdibbler, had no spotting. Anyway, my ob/gyn said that they'll be monitoring the HCG levels in my blood next time around which I think would be comforting.
You could just mention to your GP what you read about levels doubling and ask if it could've been a predictor. I felt like I had wasted a lot of time nurturing something emotionally, physically, and mentally, and then it was just gone. A huge dissappointment to say the least.

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