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*Blood Clot or Missed Miscarriage? Please give me your opinions...*

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twobob Sat 08-Aug-09 22:34:50

I knew I was pregnant before I even missed a period - it was the strongest gut feeling I've ever experienced in my life. When I seen those two little lines appear it was no surprise to me, and I was ecstatic! I was 5 and a Half weeks when we found out. From then on I ballooned quickly; I spoke of the chances I was carrying twins, they run in my family and no-one in my generation has had twins yet. Even other people asked if it was twins, I was sure it was. A few weeks later we got our first scan [@ 12weeks] only one baby was on the screen so I never thought anything more of it. The feeling I was having twins subsided and over the next 8 months I gave birth to a healthy, happy 7lb 9oz baby boy who came at 38weeks exactly on the 13th July 09... Although I never really felt like I had given birth - a part of me still felt pregnant.

The day after he was born I started to itch... Uncontrollable, horrendous itching that exploded into millions of tiny blisters and spread through my stretch marks and eventually all over my body from my bra line down - even on the soles of my feet! In the end I looked like I had 3rd degree burns! It turns out I had developed PUPPPs, which I later descovered was because of my son's DNA in my blood stream, and this was my bodies reaction to it. Not to mention my Uterine Infection to boot.

Two weeks of utter hell later and I started to feel a pressure in my birth canal, and started having contractions. I ended up pushing out a bloody mass about the size of my mobile phone. It was dark, and had a blood red thread-like end than seemed to vien off into it. The second I passed it out I felt empty, like I finally wasn't pregnant, and could not shake this heavey heartache feeling. My gut instinct told me it was his twin.

When the Midwife came to see it and make sure I was ok she had a prod and told me it was probably just a blood clot and not to worry about it. It was quite jelly-like, but full, like a little sac - when she pushed down on one end the other end rose, like a weight shift. But I thought, surely if it was an undeveloped twin then they'd have to tell me... but now i'm doubting that they would.

My PUPPPs disappeared within 24hours of passing the 'clot'. During early pregnancy I ended up with tiny white warts just at total random 'downstairs' that I was told was normal, but have recently found out that they can be a sign of miscarriage too... although I suffered NO bleeding early on in my pregnancy, there was no second baby found on the scan and, obviously, I do now have my son, Samuel, safe and sound.

I've been trying to find answers but don't think I'll ever get any. I'm not mourning a lost baby as such, but I'd like to at least be able to acknowledge the fact that there was one, y'know? Plant a tree in memory of a little life that never quite lived...

I don't know... Any advise or opinions? Does anyone out there think that I could have been having twins? Could I have miscarried one twin like this without it being detected?

pruneplus2 Wed 12-Aug-09 21:56:44

Hiya, to be honest, I'm not sure. I would have thought a scan would have detected twins though, although its certainly not unheard of for scans to be inconclusive or wrong.

6 days after my son was born (11 years ago!)I passed a huge clot, about the size of a large orange, accompanied by contractual pains. I kept it for the midwife to look at (as one does!) and she poked and prodded it and pronounced it a clot and said it was nothing to worry about. I did, however, continue to bleed for 9 weeks after giving birth but no further clots large or small.

The itching you had sounds horrendous!

Congratulations on the birth of Samuel, I hope you are both doing well and I hope you find the answers to your queries.

Take care xxx

diddle Thu 13-Aug-09 00:04:27

I think a womans gut instinct is an amazing thing, but having never been in your situation i don't know. I think it completely possible that if you were still carrying part of the placenta you would feel the same as you decribed. If the clot/sac was as large as you say i find it hard to believe it wasn't picked up on a scan.
Going to google it now and see what i can dig up. very curious

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