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I need advice

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vanessaw200 Fri 07-Aug-09 10:31:06

Hello I'm a newbie

I have a 4 year old girl. But since then I've had 2 miscarriages, 1st at 7 weeks and the 2nd at 9 weeks.

The last miscarriage was horrendous (as all are) but I lost so much blood that I was hospitalised for 2 days and it really took it's toll on me and now I'm not sure I could really go through that again or the worry of it happening again. But we really wanted 2 children and feel our family incomplete.

When I had my daughter by c-section, they told me I had fibroids and have since found out that they can cause miscarriages.

Do you think that if I went to my GP and asked about them, that they will investigate or will they tell me to try again and see what happens ??

Age is against me as I'm 43, I just wonder if they would say it's not worth it as by the time you get it all sorted it would to be too late ??


ZippysMum Fri 07-Aug-09 19:23:33

Hi Vanessa,
I am so sorry to hear about your losses.If I were you I would go to the GP as soon as possible and ask for a referral to an obstetrics consultant.

I think if you mention that you would like another child they would give you a swift referral rather than telling you to try again on your own. You may have to be a bit pushy with your GP to get them to understand that you need them to take it seriously - I don't know whether you are affected in other ways (eg painful or heavy periods etc.) but fibroids can cause other issues as well as miscarriage and you are entirely reasonable to ask for it to be investigated.

The very best of luck.

Mouette Sat 08-Aug-09 17:24:03

dear vanessa
I had polyps in my womb, they're like fibroids but smaller, and was told I had to have them removed before ttc, as they can stop an egg from implanting and cause mc. So I definitely think you should ask for this to be investigated before ttc. Good luck!

Kileyrs Tue 11-Aug-09 03:53:50

Hi everyone. I am just on here to talk to you all who looks like most of you are going thru the same thing as me. Ive had 3 miscarriages.One when I was very young and the 2nd one a month later.The 3rd was Oct of 2007.I am 28.All of them were a few days after when my period would've been due.Me and my hub have gone to a fertility doctor and had tests done and have not received any known causes,everything looks normal.Me and my hub are now trying again to get pregnant.I am suppose to be put on Progestorone supplements when I find out im preggers right away.I am scared to death of having another miscarriage!! I was just seeing if there's anyone who has gone through this same routine and anyone who has a response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening =)

ZippysMum Tue 11-Aug-09 05:05:48

Hi kiley,
Sounds like your Doc might suspect that you have something called 'Luteal phase defect'. That means that the level of progesterone (the hormone that sustains pregnancy until the placenta takes over at 10-12 weeks) is too low to let the body know it is pregnant, and so the pregnancy is lost early.

It is likely that the progesterone the Doctor has prescribed will be in the form of 'Cyclogest', which can be taken as suppositories (up the bottom) or pessaries (in the front way, if you know what I mean). Lots of ladies find the first 'route' better, as the Cyclogest is quite waxy and can be a bit messy when it melts. The Cyclogest would normally be prescribed from ovulation until 12 weeks - you might want to check this with your Doctor.

If you have no luck with the Cyclogest, I guess the Doctor will do some blood tests at different stages of your cycle and go from there - many Docs would do this before prescribing the hormones so I guess you might have had these.

Hope that helps, best of luck!

Kileyrs Wed 12-Aug-09 04:41:15

Hi Zippysmum, I Really appreciate the feedback! Cyclogest is not something that has been mentioned to me at all! Neither has taking the progesterone starting during ovulation. I had asked her about Luteal phase defect and she just told me when i get a positive hpt to call her and she would put me on progesterone pills and that should help that if thats the problem. What do you think of this advice I have been told? Do you think I should mention to her again about taking it from ovulation and on.I just feel like a bother, though I know I shouldn't.Again I appreciate your help =)

ZippysMum Wed 12-Aug-09 08:46:09

Hi Kiley,

I see it is a fertility Doc who has recomended this treatment - if I were you, I would ask! It would be helpful to know what the Doc thinks the problem is, in case there are additional things you can do that would help. DON'T feel like a bother to your Doc - they have an obligation to help you understand your treatment. If I had asked more questions at the start of our TTC journey, I suspect we would have taken a lot less that 6 years to conceive the twins I am carrying!!

I haven't heard of progesterone pills being given, only Cyclogest-type things or injections (but I am only a recipient of fertility treatment, not a Doctor!).

On another note, a lot of ladies who suffer from early miscarriage have had success taking 75mg aspirin per day (those are the 'baby aspirin' you can get). They can help to overcome implantation issues - I took them from ovulation to Week 30 of the pregnancy. Might be worth a try while you are waiting...

Hope that helps!!

Mouette Wed 12-Aug-09 10:12:02

Just thought I'd mention that for my second pregnancy, following a late mc at 17 weeks, I took low dose aspirin daily throughout the pregnancy and Cyclogest pessaries daily from week 15 until week 36. So definitely worth talking about those treatments to see if they might help. I think they are fairly standard treatments for recurrent/late mc and I was told they "wouldn't do any harm anyway". I now have a healthy 4 month old boy. There is also evidence that low dose aspirin may reduce the risk of pre eclampsia. x

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