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Bleeding after ERPC

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dcb Thu 06-Aug-09 09:15:54

Have had to have 2 erpcs for the same miscarriage 2 months apart unfortunately. I now have a negative pregnancy test but have had some bleeding 2 wks after the last erpc. Could this be a period? Not sure if it is too early for it to be this. I just hope there's nothing still left over - I've really had enough now.

P.s there's no possibility it could be implantation bleed etc as there hasn't been any of that going on ...(tmi)

Has anyone else had this?

Habbibu Thu 06-Aug-09 20:00:56

What kind of bleeding? Heavy, or just spotting? I don't think it's terribly unusual, but keep an eye on it, and phone EPU if it continues - I had what turned out to be a molar pregnancy, and the bleeding following my first ERPC was from molar regrowth. This is pretty rare, though.

dcb Thu 06-Aug-09 20:09:51

Thanks Habbibu. When I went for a scan after my first ERPC they initially thought it might be a partial molar PG (a separate one from my first - I thought I had a new PG). However they got the pics reviewed and said it was retained products. Said I could leave it a week or 2 as my HCG levels were only 800 and dropping. However ended up going back for another scan 2 wks later as PG test was still positive and it showed that it had got larger but mainly with blood clot. Had second ERPC and now PG test is negative x2. Started with light bleeding y'day, bit heavier today and it does feel a bit like a period with cramps/miserable cow etc. It's only been 15 days since last ERPC though.

Might ring in the morning to check.

Habbibu Thu 06-Aug-09 20:13:15

Hmm - surprised that they didn't do histology to check - my cons said it's hard to judge partial mole from a scan. But your bleeding doesn't sound like mine - it just gushed (sorry!), and that it apparently typical of molar regrowth.

I think it can take the uterus a while to settle down. Perhaps phone in the morning, and then keep a record of the bleeding for a bit. Poor you - it really doesn't add any joy, does it?

dcb Mon 10-Aug-09 09:19:40

Checked my histology and no signs of a molar PG thankfully. Bled for 3 days prettily heavily and it's now stopped so am assuming that that was a period. Would be nice to get back to 'normal' after 3 months. Thanks for your advice x

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