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Here we go again...

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MillietheMooch Tue 04-Aug-09 21:04:33

Hi all, I have never posted before but I do admit to lurking back in February during first MC and again now as await second MC.

On Friday just gone had second scan to confirm what first early scan (8wks) had already told us which was that our baby died between 7-8wks. On that day, I had agreed to have D&C this Monday gone but as I started to get period-type pain on Friday night cancelled D&C in the hope that mc would happen naturally at home. However, although pain continues, there has been no blood loss and I am getting v. frustrated and pretty anxious to get this over with.

For first mc I opted for medical management, although in the event and with the benefit of hindsight I now realise I didn't actually need it. During this mc, I started losing blood on the Friday night, this continued through Saturday. We spent best part of Saturday night at A&E where blood loss was a flood. Eventually sent home with appointment for ultrasound dept following Mon. Experienced severe cramping/blood loss on the Sunday. After this, blood loss became quite light. When we returned to hospital for medical management, I was given the medication and nothing happened and after questioning dr regarding Monday's scan results, it became apparent mc had already taken place and medical management was unnecessary.

This time, we had early scan, so now I am waiting to mc. I really don't like the idea of D&C. I would go for medical management again but I am reluctant at the mo as the Womens Day Care ward has been closed for the fitting of a new floor. As a result, women in my position are having to go onto the maternity ward. There is no guarantee I'd get a private room so I have recurring nightmare of having to sit on bedpan with curtain round me as new mums coo over their bundles of joy around me. If this mc doesn't kick off soon, I am tempted to go for medical management and then sneak off home after second tablet!

Must add, in light of Abi's campaign, all medical staff I've come into contact with on both occasions have been extremely kind and sympathetic and they are v. apologetic over the use of maternity ward etc, but still I don't think I can bring myself to walk onto that ward unless I really have to.sad

Apologies for v. long post, and my sympathies to all those who have occasion to post in this topic.

beanieb Tue 04-Aug-09 21:14:41

Oh I am so sorry to hear your story.

I had medical management of a miscarriage at about 8.5 weeks in June and found the physical pain really so awful that I don't think I would have it again - I would rather have surgical management. However I was allowed to come home and insert the pessaries myself and so was at least at home with my partner and in familiar surroundings when I went through the miscarriage.

Do they have to keep you in?

really am so sorry that you are going through this. sad

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