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Reassurance for those with history of m/c & are pg and bleeding

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TULIP2110 Wed 29-Jul-09 13:13:18

Hi, i'm a long term lurker on MN and a fairly new poster. I just wanted to say that I have found the boards very useful and wanted to offer some reassurance for those who might be in a similar situation.

I had 2 m/c's before my DD (aged 3) and 12 weeks and 8 weeks. I am now pregnant again (13 weeks) and started to bleed on 5 days ago. It started out as red blood (I felt it come out and rushed to the loo) and it quickly turned to dark brown mucas-like stuff. After having 2 m/c's and seeing this sort of blood before, I was immediately panicked and feld for sure that this pregnancy was going to end - this sort of blood in the past as never resulted in good news for me.

Anyway, I rang the midwife on Saturday and the earliest they could get me a scan at the EPU was today, 5 days later! The bleeding started to ease yesterday and is hardly there today. My scan showed the baby was fine and had grown well since my 12 weeek scan last week, and no obvious cause for the bleeding.

I just wanted to share to illustrate that even with previous miscarriages, bleeding in pregnancy doesn't always mean bad news (i never would have believed it before until now). I was struggling this week to find any posts from people who had previous miscarriages and had bleeing in subsequent pregnancies which turned out fine.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 29-Jul-09 13:23:58

Really glad to hear everything is ok Tulip - must be a massive relief for you smile

I too had 2 mc's before my dd. When I was on my third pregnancy, I started bleeding (red and quite heavily) at 12 weeks and was absolutely convinced I was miscarrying again. Like you, everything was fine and they could find no reason for the bleeding. I bled on and off for about 8 weeks but dd was born a healthy 9lb 12 oz and is now a very "normal' and boisterous 2 year old smile

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