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am pregnant but so worried it's goign wrong again

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hettie Wed 29-Jul-09 10:18:21

Had miscarriage in april/may so was very suprised to find myself pregnant again. The last pregnancy had taken 8 months to concieve and having has a tube removed for an ectopic I thought I was goign to have to wait a long time).
I had a scan at 7 weeks, all ok- am now 9 weeks and am starting to feel less tired sick (with ds this didn't pass until 16 weeks). Since my symptoms goign was the first sign with the miscarraige am so worried that this is happening again. I also feel that I'm not growing ifykwim....Cannot get it out of my head and am working myself into a state. Not sure if I can cope if it happens again sad

AitchTwoOh Wed 29-Jul-09 10:24:41

i'm afraid that what you've been through does rather spoil the blissful bit of pregnancy, i had two ectopics (good new bit is that i've had two dds on one tube smile) but my experiences did mean that i never really 'trusted' that i'd actually get to meet the babies.
what i do know, for absoulte definite, having spent a lot of time on the ectopic preg site and seen this a lot, is that people used to come on at about eight or nine weeks really panicked that they symptoms had gone, and be told by the old hands that it was perfectly normal. i can't say i ever had huge symptoms (if anything, i felt like my period was due for three months) but i know that what you're experiencing is quite normal.

becks130 Wed 29-Jul-09 10:25:25

Hettie First of all congratulation x

I am in the same boat as you, I MC in April and am now 11 weeks and feel the same. My MS passed last week and I started to worry like a crazy woman, it then returned after 5 days!! I had to go to the Dr on Monday and while I was there she found a heartbeat on the doppler which reassured me, until now!! I think that people in our postition don't really start to relax until that magic 12 week mark and once we have seen the baby at 12 weeks.

Good luck and try to relax, maybe next week ask your Dr if they can check for a heartbeat. x

ScummyMummy Wed 29-Jul-09 10:31:31

Really hope all will be well, hettie. It's not at all surprising you are nervous after last time but there is apparently very often no particular underlying cause for losing a pregnancy and just because you miscarried last time it really doesn't mean you will again. I think it's pretty early to be growing, tbh, so wouldn't read too much into that. Do you have a walk in early pregnancy unit who could reassure you? Good luck getting through the next few weeks- as aitch says it must be v hard to relax.

hettie Wed 29-Jul-09 14:37:08

thanks for all your support, had got msyelf in such a panic that I rang the epu and told them my fears. They were really lovely- said that it was quiet today and to come in for a scan so they can check things out. The good news is that bean is still there with a heartbeart smile am much reassured by this and can now put my waning symptoms down to well something that is happening in this pregnancy for some reason..... You're right though, cannot wait to get to 12 week mark to relax a bit!

ScummyMummy Wed 29-Jul-09 17:58:25

That's brilliant, hettie. Congratulations. I read somewhere that the miscarriage rate when a healthy fetal heartbeat has been seen on early ultrasound is really really low- only about 1%, I think.

becks130 Thu 30-Jul-09 11:56:16

Congratulations on your scan smile

I have decided to hire a doppler as I am sooo paraniod after my MC, it come tomorrow so I'll let you know how good it is.

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