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Cupcakes11 Fri 24-Jul-09 20:18:45

Hi I am very new to this so please bare with!!!!
I need some advice, help, reasurance if u wish

Basically I suffered from a MC a yr ago I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time. The only people that know are my Fiance, his mum and poss his father! Anyhow my fiance younger brother and his GF have had a baby they are only 18. They don't have any jobs career nothing for this baby!!!! I know they will make good parents but the thing is it is extremely hard for me as I wanted this baby so badly and at the moment my Fiance and I are staying with his parents due to our house getting flooded shock angry I am v grateful for his parents taking us in but his younger bro, his GF and the baby stay there too, (well they stay with her parents half the week then stay at his the other half.)All I get is baby this and baby that and it is getting me so down as his mother is rubbing it in my face that the fact I couldn't get pregnant!
Please Help

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