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Cupcakes11 Fri 24-Jul-09 20:18:33

Hi I am very new to this so please bare with!!!!
I need some advice, help, reasurance if u wish

Basically I suffered from a MC a yr ago I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time. The only people that know are my Fiance, his mum and poss his father! Anyhow my fiance younger brother and his GF have had a baby they are only 18. They don't have any jobs career nothing for this baby!!!! I know they will make good parents but the thing is it is extremely hard for me as I wanted this baby so badly and at the moment my Fiance and I are staying with his parents due to our house getting flooded shock angry I am v grateful for his parents taking us in but his younger bro, his GF and the baby stay there too, (well they stay with her parents half the week then stay at his the other half.)All I get is baby this and baby that and it is getting me so down as his mother is rubbing it in my face that the fact I couldn't get pregnant!
Please Help

ImhavingaBBaby Sat 25-Jul-09 09:08:18

firstly i doubt that his mother is rubbing it in, she would only do that if she didnt like you and she wouldnt of taken you in if that was true.

secondly there is no point to being jealous, regardless of age of the relatives or there prospects, however having said that i know it is very very hard, but it will just leave you feeling worse, and may make others think badly of you. ALthough i cant imagine how living with a baby at this time could be, i could not have done it, will ou be there long? what im trying to put accross is that no one is trying to get at you, this is just a natural reaction to the pain you feel, and it will get better.

if your mc was a year ago, and presuming you have been trying since then,have you sought any advice? when i was going thru this it helped to feel i was doing something, helped me to regain some feeling of control?

Cupcakes11 Tue 28-Jul-09 00:14:44

Thanx for the reply.

Thanx u for the advice, I can see your point I am finding it really hard at the moment. It is extremely hard living with a baby in the house!!! We are going to be staying there until November so the sooner I get out of that place the better (not being ungrateful) We have been trying for a baby again with no results, my fiance is wanting to take things slow but I can't. I just feel that If i do then i won't be able to have a baby. I recieved some counselling but didn't think it has worked :O
I noticed u hav had a mc and from ur nickname i am presumming u are pregnant? Congratualtions :D How was the whole process?

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