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lozzawoo Fri 20-May-05 22:18:00

I am not sure what signs to look for. Please help.

lavenderrr Fri 20-May-05 22:22:01

are you okay lozzawoo , do you think you might have....lots of red blood for a week and big blood clots and a feeling of feeling so emotional going within a day.....why do you ask??

lozzawoo Fri 20-May-05 22:31:59

Hi Lavenderr!

Thanku for replying I experienced a really heavy cycle at the end of March which lasted a week and had pregnancy like symptoms a few days b4. Dont normally get sore everything lol.. and then three weeks later I am experiencing two weeks of it again one week light the other heavy.
How did u cope with this?

melliek Sat 21-May-05 01:27:15

HI there...well, if you are like me, the only sign that I had was my preg symptoms slowed down (nausea, tightening of the uterus, breast soarness) I actually had no spotting at all. Most times if you are m/c then you would start to spot pink or red (new blood) or have slight cramping.
Hopefully you are not going through this at all and will be lucky enough to carrying on. Good luck to you!

maddyd Sat 21-May-05 07:43:14

i misscarried a month ago and i supose it depends how far on you are. Ill tell you my signs if it helps but basically you know.

I was 12 weeks so symtoms quite severe.

Day1 Started with light bleeding was scanned and told baby still there and not to worry. No Pain

In day 2 bleeding subsided and thought was off the hook. No Pain

Day 3 woke uo with cramping pains but different from normal. Started in my lower back and came round to front. Came in waves all day. Not much blood.

Evening of day 3, stood up as pains so severe and had a massive blood clot come out, thought it was baby so was taken to casualty. Alot more flooding and clots, collapsed in waiting room with pain and blood loss. Admitted for evening

Day 4. Scanned. Amazling with such a horrendous loss the baby was still there but no heart beat.So had a D&C.

I do know a high percentage of women miscarry even when they didnt know they were pregnant this is called a missed miscarriage, and things get back to normal almost immediatlet. You will have a heavier period maybe a few days late.

Hope this helped,take care xxx

maddyd Sat 21-May-05 07:44:40

P.s i also had posotive pregnancy test for a few days after the D&C because of the hormones

desperatehousewife Sat 21-May-05 09:23:47

oh maddyd - sorry to hear this. Hope you are feeling ok physically and emotionally. {{}}

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