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Thanks cupcakefairy

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avaj Fri 17-Jul-09 10:28:50

Hi cupcake
Wanted to get back to you, but didn't want to hijack apples thread!
Your response really made me feel better. I have been too embarrased to tell DH that i feel as if I will be terminating, because I thought it sounded daft, but obviously it is not so unusual.
We had a normal 12 week scan, and have a great photo which I've shown to just about bloody everyone. But after some spotting I was scanned on mon (should have been 17 weeks) and the baby looked much the same, but no movement.
It is just so awful and I dont know how long ago it happened, which makes it feel even worse!
Anyway it is good to hear that even though you felt like me, you dont regret your decision. I think you are very brave. I just can't believe that Doctor! They can be so unbelievably thoughtless!
Take care and thanks.
Thank God for mumsnet!

cupcakefairy Fri 17-Jul-09 16:09:09

Aw thanks, that's so sweet (and quite weird seeing my nickname on a thread title! )

Gosh I'm so sorry, must be horrible to get past that supposedly 'safe' 12 week mark and then this happen to you. Can't imagine it, I was only 8 weeks and that was bad enough.

Sadly, the procedure for medical management is the same as for an early termination, the doctor just hadn't read my notes properly, so upsetting. I made him let me see he was writing 'missed miscarriage' on my notes and not 'abortion' or similar.

Any way you look at it, it just feels wrong to be taking pills and pessaries to 'extract' your poor baby so honestly don't feel embarrassed that it feels like a termination. It's a horrible horrible thing to go through and any number of emotions are normal! I hope things do start happening naturally for you, but if they don't, I hope your dh will be with you in hospital. Mine read to me from a funny book (High Fidelity by Nick Hornby) while I was in and despite it being a horrific day, that got me through it and remains a special memory.

Take care

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