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I'm fairly sure I'm miscarrying, 6 weeks along, what is the normal procedure?

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JeMeSouviens Thu 16-Jul-09 15:02:51

I'm not sure what to expect really and what I need to do in terms of medical attention.

I had a BFP 2 weeks ago and had some light cramping, but no bleeding. Then yesterday which would have been 6 weeks pregnant, I felt a bit nauseous in the morning. In the afternoon I was spotting, and then by evening had cramps and bleeding. Not a huge amount really, just like a period. The same today.

I'm assuming that this is a miscarriage. I have been reading other threads on here and some mention waiting 2 weeks then taking another test, and if still positive seeing a GP etc.

Should I be going to the GP now, or waiting, or what, not really sure what to do.

We are going on vacation tonight as well, (long car drive, rather than flight), not sure if we should leave it a few days.

Any advice appreciated, thanks

PrettyCandles Thu 16-Jul-09 15:19:08

Sorry that you are going through this. sad It's a natural part of reproduction, but it's shitty.

You can go to the GP or not, as you wish. They might refer you to an Early Pregnancy Unit for a scan. I refused my scan as I didn't see any point in it. Equally I refused medical intervention. Having things cleared out might shorten the bleeding by a week or so, but wouldn't help me in any way. AFAIK it might even do harm, dilating the cervix unnaturally and so on. I chose to let things progress naturally.

I had a long talk with a midwife at the unit, she explained what was going on, what I could expect and that it was not in any way my fault, just an accident of nature. She also took blood samples to check the level of my pregnancy hormones.

It is possible to be carrying twins and for one to miscarry but not the other. Difficult to know this, but I suppose you ought to, so that you can decide whether you want to drink etc. A sharply dropping level of pg hormones would indicate that you were not still pregnant. IMO that's the only real benefit of going the medical route.

You can take painrelief, just as you could if you were definitely prgnant. You may find that the cramping gets worse just before you pass a clot. The bleeding should be like a very heavy period, get heavier and then lighter. IIRC mine lasted only a day or two longer than a period, but was indeed heavier. There should be no bad smells or unusual pain. If you have these, or you continue bleeding for a long time, then you do need to see a dr in case you have an infection, or in case not everything has gone.

I foudn that the pgcy symptoms diminished sharply, but some started coming back again after a week, so I had another blood test whih confirmed that I was not pg. Then I was able to let go and 'tell' my body and mind tos top craving stuff.

It takes longer for your heart to heal than your body. But you do heal eventually and it stops hurting. I had ds2 after my miscarriage.

I hope this helps you to decide what to do.

sunburntats Thu 16-Jul-09 15:21:49

Sounds omninous tbh.
I would advise that you do go to see your Dr.It needs to be in your notes if nothing else.
May refer you to EPAU for scan, to see whats going on and to check that everything has been passed. You can become quite ill with retained products if not.

Take some painkillers for the cramps, paracetamol but if they dont cover it, your GP shouls px some thing stronger.

Sorry that this is happening to you.
Not sure about the car journey as you may want to be near home for comfort and if blood loss gets to be allot, you may want to be near your own loo.

JeMeSouviens Thu 16-Jul-09 15:40:41

Thanks very much for your replies. It's helpful to know what to expect.

I had a funny feeling really when I had the cramps 2 weeks ago, but of course when they went, well, you just expect everything to be ok don't you.

Unfortunately we are in a country where it is very difficult to get registered for a GP, so I haven't seen one yet wrt this pregnancy. But I will keep a note of it for future records. I've missed the boat today to see one I think, as we have to line up at 8am and register, then wait for a call back. It's at times like this I wish we were back in the UK with the NHS.

I think I will follow your advice PC, and see how I get on before seeing a GP. I have felt very cold the last 2 days, but DH said I felt hot last night, however I took my temp and it was normal. So I will def. keep an eye on that. And also see how I am at the end of the day before deciding whether to go on holiday or not.

Thanks again

skihorse Thu 16-Jul-09 18:36:17

Go on holiday - staying home won't stop anything. But before you go maybe it's worth buying a couple of digital tests so that hopefully within a week you'll know either way.

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