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period 4 wks after miscarrage

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juliet2 Mon 13-Jul-09 21:37:20

my daughter misscarred 4 wk ago came on her period yesterday now losing loads of blood and clots this cant be normal any 1 give me any advice

pruneplus2 Mon 13-Jul-09 22:01:24

Hiya, sorry to hear about your daughters loss and yours as a grandparent to be.

How many weeks was she and which miscarriage management did she undergo?

I miscarried naturally at 10 weeks in March and a week after I had a scan to check all was well - they said the lining of my uterus was pretty thin (around 6mm) so my next period should be about normal, which it was, though I did lose a few clots which I dont usually.

I have just sadly miscarried again (I had that one period then found out I was pregnant again), this time at 9 weeks - again miscarried naturally, albeit very differently and a lot more traumatically from my first miscarriage with massive blood loss and A&E admittance via ambulance.

However, my follow up scan, less than a week later, showed that my uterus lining was still quite thickened at 11mm and was advised that I would probably bleed quite heavily on my next period. Apparently anything over 14mm and they advise ERPC.

Maybe it may be best for her to phone her GP or the EPU for advice? As I lost so much blood I am now anaemic so it may be just as well for your daughter to get that checked out anyway?

Hope this helps x

JamieJay Mon 13-Jul-09 22:13:55

Sorry to hear about your daughters miscarrage. I miscarried at 6 weeks on 3rd June, I'd been spotting for 5 days before hand and the heavy bleeding last for 3 days. I then got my period as normal on 3rd July (29 days which is normal cycle length for me).

My period was heavier with clots, however I was warned by the EPU that it would potentially be heavier and more painful than normal.

It would be an idea to keep an eye on it and check with the GP in the morning if you/she are still worried to make sure everything is okay.

pruneplus2 - sorry to hear your news.

juliet2 Mon 13-Jul-09 22:14:27

hi,sorry to hear about yOur losses it is her 2nd miscarrage in 2 month 1st 1 was beginning of may she was 5 wk an 4 days she then ad a normal period an then got pregnant again an lost it in june again at 5 wk an 4 days,like i say this time she is bleeding really heavy having to change every couple of hrs an now losing clots
if it dnt settle dowm i will ring the docs an hope they can reassure her everything is ok

thank you for your advice and i hope everything all turns out for the best for You

take care x

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