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'period' 16 days after miscarriage bleeding stopped

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beanieb Mon 13-Jul-09 11:49:59

Am not sure what's happening. I had a medically managed miscarriage on 14th June and bled fairly heavily for a few days before it eased off and finally was just old brown blood. However it's really only been about sixteen days since I last bled; I had some bleeding still on 26th of June. It had been on and off for a week or so and was mostly old brown blood.

I have read that you can only count bleeding as a period if you have had 20 clear days or more without bleeding. My cycles are usually only 24 - 26 days long.

Does anyone know if I should count this as the first day of a new cycle or am I going to have to wait until the bleeding stops and then wait for a clear 20 + days? sad

coxy3005 Mon 13-Jul-09 14:01:35

Hi beanieb,

I've had 2 m/c's the first I had at 8 weeks and bled for amlost exactly 10 days and then 17 days later had my first period. My 2nd m/c was at 12 weeks and actually bled for 21 days (I was told because I was further on than before that was why I bled for such a long time) I then started bleeding again 18 days later, I'm assuming this was my period although the bleeding was different to normal and seemed to keep stopping then starting which never usually happens to me. If it was my period then last week would have been when I was ovulating (going on previous history) and this time next week I will either be expecting another period or getting a BFP!!

If I were you I would assume that its the first day of a new cycle as with my first m/c my cycle completely changed from being 28-30 days to being 25-27 days

Everyone is different so I don't think that they can really say its not a period if its before 20 days as my first was after only 17 days!!

I really hope this is helpful and I am so very sorry for your loss

Coxy x

beanieb Mon 13-Jul-09 16:53:14

thank you - have decided this must be the first day as it's continued all day. At least now I can start trying again smile

dcb Mon 13-Jul-09 18:45:11

I thought I'd let you know about my experience. My bleeding stopped 7-10 days after an ERPC. Then I did a PG test (positive) 5 weeks later as I felt sick and had had no bleeding. However I started bleeding 1 week later and it turned out to be from retained products.

I don't think that it necesscarily depends on length of time but I think it might be helpful to do a test to be sure it's negative before you get started again. I've learnt my lesson.....

beanieb Mon 13-Jul-09 19:19:42

Hiya dcb, thank you. I had a follow up appointment last week and they tested me then so hopefully this is my period. Fingers crossed and sorry to hear of your experience.

Cith Mon 13-Jul-09 21:29:02

Hi Beanieb,

I am sorry for your sad loss...I also had a MMC (12 weeks) in the middle of June and bled for 7-8 days (miscarried naturally while waiting for D&C appointment)with some spotting a few days later. I'm assuming I have just got my period last week - like you only 16 days since the bleeding stopped - and it has been on & off and quite dark too. So I did a HPT yesterday which was positive (1-2wks) - was a bit am thinking there is still hormones in my system which makes me feel a bit frustrated that perhaps it is going to take some time for my cycle to get itself sorted. I wasn't offered any follow-up blood-tests to check that hormones have got back to where they are supposed to be. SO guess will do another test when the bleeding has finished and then see where it is at...hopefully at the point to crack on with TTC. It gets a bit tiring all this use of sanitary products - I'm hoping soon to be rid of them for a while (about 9 months).
Fingers crossed for everyone on this thread.

temm09 Mon 13-Jul-09 23:21:58

Hello ladies, sorry to hear about your losses and confusing bleeding. At the same time, it's reassuring to hear that we are not alone in going through this (and a load of tampons and pads!). I had a natural MC nearly 7 weeks ago and bled for about 15 days. Was relieved when it stopped, but then it started again just over a week later, pretty light, but slowly got heavier, then finally came on like a proper period another two weeks later. Now, another week has passed and it's slowed down again, but not stopped. It doesn't really help you to move on from your MC when you're dealing with this much blood every time you visit the loo, does it?!

At my follow-up scan (12 days after MC) the sonographer diagnosed me with an array of potential problems - a fybroid or polyp and an ovary that appeared polystic. They told me to wait for my period and come back on day 8. Not being very patient, I got a referral to a private gynae who scanned me and put my mind at rest - ovaries are definitely not polycystic and he seems to think the fybroid or polyp is actually retained products, which would also explain the intermittent bleeding. I'm supposed to go for a scan between day 8 and 16 of my period to see if 'it' is still there, but how on earth am I supposed to know when day 1 was?! I've made an appointment for next week and am hoping that I'll be given the all clear and told "oh look, and there's your little egg about to drop, perfect time for ttc". Well we can hope can't we!

Hope this is a bit helpful - though I guess it can only be helpful in that it's normal or common for our bodies and cycles to be completely messed up! Good luck to all of you out there. It takes a lot of patience to allow our bodies to work through whatever they have to before we truly get over our MCs (physically at least) xx

beanieb Mon 13-Jul-09 23:58:13

good luck to all. Embarrassingly I bled through my trousers and onto my chair in work today sad

temm09 Tue 14-Jul-09 07:35:41

Aw beanieb that's awful Just to add to the angst of it all. All the blood is really distressing isn't it. Fingers crossed for you it slows down. xx

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