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potential miscarriage- how long before I can be sure?

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UpsyDaisyOne Wed 08-Jul-09 17:57:06

Hi hope someone can offer me some advice here. I recently found out I was pregnant but was not sure of dates because my period have been very irregular since birth of dd (due to taking mini pill and breastfeeding I think). I noticed a small amount of blood when I thought I was around 8 weeks and was scanned at Early Pregnancy Unit. They said they couldn't tell if I was only 6 weeks pregnant and the bleeding was implantation bleeding, or if I was eight weeks and the pregnancy had stopped developing at 6 weeks. The sonographer clearly thought it was a missed miscarriage but the doctor said it was 50/50 that the pregnancy was viable. This gave me some hope although I did not feel I could be only 6 weeks due to the symptoms I was having. I have been bleeding very slightly for a week now and also getting some cramps. Every day I think I will miscarry but the bleeding is still very little. Is there any chance this could be a viable pregnancy, and if not when will I actually miscarry. I have another scan booked in 10 days time but I am going mad waiting and just want to know the situation. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

castlesintheair Wed 08-Jul-09 18:05:10

Some people can bleed a bit throughout pg, some at the time when there period would have been. I am sure I bled at your stage during one of my viable pgs. Can you have an earlier scan? 10 days is a long time in your situation. If it is a missed m/c, you may not m/c, just continue bleeding for a while. I hope it is good news for you.

castlesintheair Wed 08-Jul-09 18:05:51

their blush

UpsyDaisyOne Wed 08-Jul-09 18:12:06

thanks castles. I think it is the cramps which make me feel it is a missed miscarriage, and just the length of time bleeding. It really feels like a period starting, but just taking a long time. But then I felt tired and sick throughout my first trimester with my dd, and I did bleed then too- but only for one day, not seven. I want to phone and ask for another scan but I am worried they will say I have to wait and that I will be taking up their time. Will wait a couple more days I think and reassess

pinkypanther Wed 08-Jul-09 19:26:51

Hello UpsyDaisyOne, sorry to hear about your situation.

I agree it is torture waiting, I had a missed miscarriage in February 2009, then a CP, now pregnant for the third time and am playing the waiting game again (6 week scan on Friday).

There are loads of positive stories on here about people in similar circumstances to you who did go on to have a successful pregnancy. Also some who didn't. Sadly no one can predict how it is going to go, but I really hope everything will be ok for you.

When did you get your BFP? That might give you a clue about the dates.

I agree with castles that 10 days is a long time to wait, I would push to see if they'll see you in 5 - 7 days instead.

UpsyDaisyOne Wed 08-Jul-09 20:35:53

that's the thing pinkypanther, I took the test 4 weeks and three days before the scan, so it does seem unlikely to me that I could only be six weeks pregnant at the scan. I did point this out though and the doctor said it was possible. Thanks for your message and hope you have positive news. I think I will push them to move the date forward

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