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If you lose clots during a bleed, is this preety much game over?

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gymknicks Tue 07-Jul-09 21:59:13

V early, only about six weeks.

Lots of blood, but that happened before in my sucessful pregnancy (though also in my other MCs)...

There are a few clots. Is that pretty much definitive or is there still hope?

Be brutally honest.

Thank you.

PacificDogwood Tue 07-Jul-09 22:01:37

Does not sound good, to be honest sad.
Do you have much pain?
Sorry you are going through this.
If you have had prev MCs your local EPAU will probably see you and scan you if you wish without going via your GP.

forkhandles Tue 07-Jul-09 22:03:09

I don't know but I'm crossing my fingers for you. I guess there's always still hope until you've definitely been told otherwise. Poor you hope it's all ok..

gigglewitch Tue 07-Jul-09 22:06:52

not definite - have had it go both ways. With ds2 had an enormous loss and the works - yes it turned out (much later) he had been a twin, but hey he stuck there, which was all that matters. Likewise in pg with dd.

Everything crossed for you. Awful situation, but rest and try to stay positive & look after yourself x x

gymknicks Tue 07-Jul-09 22:07:46

Thought so....

No pain, but that doesn't mean anything really.

You try to hang on to hope despite everything, don't you? Ah, not to keep kidding myself.

Thanks for the opinions.

pickyvic Tue 07-Jul-09 23:00:21

get your ass to gp or phone nhs direct asap for advice.

clots for me meant mc but i could see what it was...
dont tie yourself in knots, get some proper advice. best of luck x

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