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emotional hormones or what

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dakota11 Fri 03-Jul-09 01:06:28

Just wondering If there is any advice out there for the emotional issues or hormonal that may go on after the miscarriage?
I thought I was doing fine I mean it has been 2 weeks crying sometimes but not a temper but on the weekend I flipped on my man I mean the things I said werent right I just kept running my mouth and to be honest Im not even sure why. He finally had enough and he left for a couple hours on his motorcycle which made me even more frustrated at the time cause I couldnt just take off and do what I want and I went to the bush (we live in the country) and took my anger out on throwing whatever I could find. I was upset angry etc normally when Im upset I go ride my horses but since I was told no riding no rollerblading etc well what else do I do to take frustration and put it to use in a positive way?. I just had a few hours whenr I didnt care about anything, didnt want to be here or anywhere at that. Thats the only total losing control moment Ive had and I hope it isnt something thats going to continue. I have out of the blue around the same time every night start crying Its like i hold it in them get home and then the emotions begin. If Im all over the place my apologize Im not useto typing like this.
One second I want to just be preg again and the next I want to be active and do the outdoor activitiues I enjoy. I had quit smoking when I found out I was preg and since the miscarriage I have began smoking more than I have in my life. Im rambling I know but I am finding it better than being emotional so thank you for that.

Mouette Fri 03-Jul-09 10:17:34

Dear dakota11

I'm so sorry for your loss. What you're experiencing is totally normal - you're grieving, and with grief comes anger. It's not really the hormones, it's more the grief talking. I lost my first baby at 17 weeks and was horribly angry for a very long time, particularly with my sister in law whose baby was born 2 weeks after mine died. I had counselling which really helped. What's important I think is acknowledging that you've lost someone really close, losing a baby is not very different from losing a spouse or parent. Give yourself permission to grieve. I would talk to my partner, explain that your anger is not with him, it's with life in general. I found it helped to remember the baby, I created a "memory box" where I put the scans, cards, etc. I also gave the baby a name. 2 weeks is a very short time. If things don't get better, don't hesitate to go to your GP or the hospital and ask about counselling. It really got me out of my rut - I was getting so angry all the time it was polluting my life. Don't be in too much of a hurry to "get back to normal". It's a terrible loss and a big life change, and you will need time to adapt. Take care. xx

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