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Is this normal

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dollbaby143 Thu 25-Jun-09 22:40:02

I am miscarrying now I think I am about 8 to 10 weeks - I started bleeding Sunday night but very lightly and this lasted about 2 days - On the 3rd day I started bleeding very very heavy which is unlike my normal period - I have completely soaked through at least 6 super pads or more - I passed one clot about 2" the next was about 5" to 6 inches this happened 2 more times at about that same size size and each time I use the bathroom I drop about 2" clot - I have very very painful cramping- sore - horrible pain every couple of minutes.

Any advice would be helpful -
thank you

rainbowdays Thu 25-Jun-09 23:52:52

I notice you posted this about an hour ago, so not sure if you are still online, but if the bleeding and cramping has persisted to be bad, then you should go to hospital. It is normal but they do need to check in case you are loosing too much blood. I hope it eases soon for you.

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