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My friend has lost a lots of blood this morning and is having a there any hope ?

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Summerfruit Thu 25-Jun-09 10:42:02

If she has lost a lot of blood, does it necessarely means that she has lost the baby ? She is 10 weeks pregnant...I'm feeling so sad for her and her husband...

Summerfruit Thu 25-Jun-09 10:51:39


Joolsiam Thu 25-Jun-09 10:57:40

Did she have cramping with the blood loss ? If not, there is still a bit of hope.

I mc'ed at 11+5 last year - waters broke first and I was losing huge clots almost immediately, along with period type cramps (contractions later).

If she's not in pain and not losing big clots, then all is not lost.

Hoping for the best ....

Summerfruit Thu 25-Jun-09 11:06:43

Thank you jools, I don't know if she had cramps, her dh called me to ask if I could look after their ds while they are doing the scan and tests..Thank for sharing your experience with me, it must have been so hard to go trought something like

serenity Thu 25-Jun-09 11:24:24

I had this with both DS1 and 2, lots and lots of blood on numerous occasions but everything was fine in the end (no definitive reason why either, although they think DS1 may have been a lost twin) Like Jools said, if there's no cramping then there's hope. The time I had a m/c there was actually less blood, but a lot of painful cramping.

Hope she's ok.

RubyLove1 Thu 25-Jun-09 11:31:37

My DP's mum told me that she bled for two days straight when she was pg with DP's lil brother, he's 15 now. So here's to hoping, I never bled that much when I mc'd neither. Im keeping my fingers crossed for your friend.

Summerfruit Thu 25-Jun-09 11:58:49

Thank you very much all ! You are giving me hope !

Joolsiam Fri 26-Jun-09 13:38:47

So how did your friend get on ? <<hopeful emoticon>>

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