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Difficulty conceiving after 3rd mc

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Daynee Mon 22-Jun-09 15:06:25

Hey all - Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. I had my 3rd mc just about 6 months ago. And to give a little background - I've had all tests done and nothing is wrong! So, I'm getting frustrated here because I've been doing my ovulation predictor tests and I got pregnant 3 times before fairly quickly...and now what? I don't know. I keep thinking - maybe it's the anxiety or stress, or just God making me wait because he wants to torture me some more!sad

shyla01 Mon 22-Jun-09 19:47:11

Hi daynee. Haven't experienced this but it is a massive fear of mine. I have had 3 mc aswell and am currently ttc again.
This has been the 1st month of trying for me and getting a bfn was really crap. I have previously been really lucky that I have concieved really quick, dc's both unplanned, 1st mc within a month of cmin off pill 2nd was unplanned and 3rd within 2 months of ttc. My biggest fear is not being able to concieve now. It is all just so unfair!
Heard so many stories of women who have tried for ages then caught as soon as they start to relax and not stress so much. So with that in mind I shall be having a few bottles glasses of wine this wkend ;)

Chin up daynee...our time will come. And just think of all the fun u can have bding in the mean time!!

All the best xx

deeno Thu 02-Jul-09 23:35:34

Hi Daynee. I too have had 3 mc in almost three years. Have also had all the tests and they have found nothing wrong. I now find, like you, the most frustrating thing is ttc again. I took 6 mths to conceive with 1st mc, 7mths with 2nd mc and 8mths with 3rd mc. I'm just hoping my next bfp is gonna come sooner rather than later! I guess the answer is to relax but easier said than done! The last time I conceived we had had months of bding every day for at least a week around ovulation time and when I eventually conceived we only bd three nights and got a bfp! It's so hard waiting but I try to be positive and think it is going to happen because I can get pregnant. Good Luck it will happen for you soon.

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