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Pain from mmc at 9+5; how long will 'contractions9; last?

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ChoChoSan Thu 18-Jun-09 16:26:29

I started bleeding yesterday and scan confirmed mmc. Today I have been having contraction like pains since 8am every 3 minutes. Went to EPAU and decided to miscarry naturally so long as I got decent painkiller. Consultant gave me one codeine pill to take there and then, which is helping a bit, plus some co-dydramol to take away. If it all gets too much I will go in for emergency d and c, but wanted to know what's the longest anyone has had the contraction like pains for?

EldonAve Thu 18-Jun-09 16:29:35

Sorry for your loss

I only had pain for one evening - took codydramol and used a hot water bottle
After that I had a few cramps on and off but nothing too bad (pain wise)

ChoChoSan Thu 18-Jun-09 16:42:37

Thanks for your quick response. I think I can manage a day or so, but any longer would just be nuts! Frequency seems to have dropped a little over the past hour but still some excruciating pains every 10 mind or so.

Joolsiam Thu 18-Jun-09 16:44:47


It is such a horrid time but it will pass. I mc'ed at 11+5 last year - coped mostly on paracetamol because I stupidly couldn't get my head round taking anything else in case I was still pg blush

I had what seemed like bad period pain on day 1 - waters broke and lots of clots lost
day 2 - heavy bleeding, few clots
day 3 - started passing clots again in the evening and had contraction like pain that kept building up to a painful peak (I couldn't stand upright at that point) and then eased once I passed a large clot. This happened about 4 times over a couple of hours, with the last one being most painful and I finally understood what the urge to push felt like. Once that was gone, the pain vanished.

Be warned that you will have muscle ache from the contractions, and mild pains a few days later as everything shifts back into place.

ChoChoSan Thu 18-Jun-09 16:48:02

Thanks Jools. I have already passed 3 or 4 largish clots.

coxy3005 Fri 19-Jun-09 19:16:11

Hi si sorry for your loss i know exactly how you feel I mc at 12 weeks baby stopped growing at 9 wks I had my scan confirming mc on fri then the following week had bleeding with a few clots and pain like a bad period and thought that would be how it continues no such luck! the following fri had very heavy bleeding and the contractions it seemed to follow the pattern of one good day one bad day then finally got better on the weds, I tried to cope with paracetamol and ibruprofen together which worked most of the time! How are you now? Hope the pain has passed a bit. When I look back I think how did I cope with that much pain no one tells you it's going to be that bad! Coxy fx

ChoChoSan Fri 19-Jun-09 22:29:16

Hi Coxy,
Thanks for your post and sorry about your loss. I have kept well topped up with co-dydramol since yesterday and I think the pain is diminishing a bit. I have not passed much blood in tbd way of clots today, and I am worried that it's going to drag on. I think I should go in for erpc sometime , but when I told consultant I was going to try to mc naturally he just said come back if the pain is too much or still bleeding in two weeks. From what I am Reading on here, shouldn't they be checking that it's all cleared out after mc?

I feel really weird, even though I cry every now and then and I am bleeding, it doesn't feel real. I think I still haven't had the slump in pregnancy hormones yet, and I am dreading it. Ifelt quite inconsolable after last mc, and don't know how long that would have lasted if I had not got preg again so soon.

coxy3005 Sun 21-Jun-09 00:25:08

Hi ChoChoSan, with both of my mc's they checked me every 2 weeks with a scan, I wouldn't worry too much your body knows what to do I think the only worry is risk of infection so if you start to feel like you've got a temp or are being sick then you should go to docs. It's your body and if at anytime you feel it's too much pain or bleeding or just emotional and want it to be over it's up to you if you have the erpc not your consultant.

I found with this mc it was alot to deal with physically and was signed off work for a couple of weeks and remember thinking to myself that I wasn't really that emotional but it wasn't until I went back to work and everything had calmed down physically but emotionally I was a reck I think it's cos it was the first time out of my little cacoon of home where it was just me and hubby to the big wide world so be prepared as you will probably have to start dealing with the emotional side soon rather than the physical. It does get better trust me, this site has really helped me as my friends in the real world haven't been
very understanding. If your feeling down you'll always
get a response on here from someone or you can always
send me a message. Hope your starting to feel a bit
better coxy xx

ChoChoSan Mon 22-Jun-09 11:23:10

Thanks Coxy.

You are right about the 'cocoon' of home thing...I was preparing to go out for a walk with DP yesterday, and just broke down at the front door! Made it out eventually, though!

I have come into work today, just to get out of the house, really. But I will go home a little early - I don't think I expected that I'd feel so physically fragile, as well as emotionally fragile! I am normally a 'pick yourself up, and dust yourself off' type, so this has been quite a blow.

Ah well, I suppose that things are only going to improve, and life goes on etc., so hopefully my optimism will return. After my first m/c I put all my energies into getting pregnant again, which proved to be a distraction, but I think I might give it a good few weeks this time, to let everything settle down.

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