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Question: Sorry - way TMI

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CoffeeAndCarrotCake Wed 10-Jun-09 10:09:26

I'm on day 2/3 of miscarrying at 8 weeks. sad The hospital said that it was only the size of 4-5 weeks though. I'm sure this will sound ridiculous, but I hate the thought of it just coming out and disappearing down the toilet and me not even knowing whether it is still in me or not. So, would you know when an embryo of 5 weeks comes out, or might I have missed it already?! Sorry.

RubyLove1 Wed 10-Jun-09 13:13:41

CoffeeAndCarrotCake So sorry to hear about your mc

Dont worry about tmi, unfortunatley its unavoidable in these kinds of situations.

I can only tell you about my experience, I mc'd at 7 weeks and it was like a heavy period, heavy bleeding with a few clots that werent big, but not small enough that I didnt notice them when wiping (see what I mean about tmi?? blush) So you may have an idea.

I had a scan the day after I passed the clots and there was nothing there at all sad. Did you get to have a scan?

RL1 Xx

temm09 Thu 11-Jun-09 11:21:45

Hi CoffeeAndCarrotCake

Sorry to hear about your MC. TMI is what it's all about - and is actually very helpful and reassuring! I had an MMC at 10 weeks (two weeks ago) and still seem to have the tail end of the clots and spotting. Initially I passed an enormous amount of blood and huge clots. Last week something very disturbing and vile smelling came out when I wiped (TMI!!!). It was so gross I gasped and threw it down the toilet and flushed before I could even think. Then I wondered if that might have been 'it' - the embryo or sac or whatever and felt guilty. Whatever it was, it was very much dead and past it's sell by date. (I couldn't think of it as being an actual being - even when I thought I was healthily pregnant I was struggling to think of it as being anything really - which I had been surprised about.) Some people do say that they know when they pass the sac, but I think it's unlikely with an early MC that you will actually be able to identify the individual bits.

I'd be surprised if you aren't offered a scan, but if not insist on one to make sure that everything is out. If it isn't they should offer you a D&C to remove the last of the lining and whatever else is still inside.

Good luck to you. Not a pleasant thing to have to go through.


CoffeeAndCarrotCake Thu 11-Jun-09 17:41:55

Thank you both!

Temm09 - I think I saw the almost-embryo today too - I actually felt so much better afterwards, relieved that I didn't have a dead thing in me any more, and much more able to move on. I know what you mean about not thinking it was really real, even before the MC. With DD I absolutely thought of her as a mini-person very early on, but with this one, I never really believed it. I thought at first that it was just that this was no.2 so not as exciting as the first time, but now I think that maybe, subconsciously, I realised that it wasnt really a mini-person this time at all.

I'm wearing a hole in the carpet at work with my trips to the loo, but I'm already feeling better - I just want this to be over, so that my body can get back to normal and try again!

Really sorry for both of you two too, but best of luck for next time x x x smile

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