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5 words that took some pain of a missed due date away...

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Ilovebeingamummy Thu 04-Jun-09 22:51:29

My 2 year old was in my arms today after my Dh told me our friend's baby was born on Tues.

I had to swallow hard because our third baby would have been due on Tues. Mc @ 6 weeks. Also mc 4th and 5th pregnancies in Dec 08 and Apr 09.

As I pulled myself together DH asked if I was OK. I have never mentioned the lost pregnancies in front of my dcs (2 and 4) but I responded "I'm OK, I just want a baby too."

My little boy threw his tiny, chubby 2 year old arms around my neck and said "you have got a baby, mummy".

Meaning himself of course :-)

However bad this ttc and mc/s get...I am *so lucky*

I needed to share....due dates are awful....

onebatmother Thu 04-Jun-09 22:55:15

That;s really very lovely Ilove. What a gorgeous boy your chubby one is. So sorry for your continuing pain, though.

JackBauer Thu 04-Jun-09 23:00:49

What a sweet thing for your DS to say. Sorry he had to say it though IYSWIM sad

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