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BFN after MMC

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hoops997 Wed 27-May-09 18:08:46

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick question, how far after am ERPC did everyone get a BFN? I tested this morning and still have BFP, I had an ERPC 2 weeks ago tomorrow, am I worrying over nothing or have they left bits behind? I have no other sypmtoms, my bleeding stopped last Tuesday..........any advice would be great.........Thanks

YouLukaAmazing Wed 27-May-09 20:27:14

Message withdrawn

neolara Wed 27-May-09 20:39:53

Firstly, sorry for the loss of your baby. It must be a horrid time for you.

The time it takes for HCG to leave your system depends on how far along you were when the pregnancy ended. I think in normally developing pregnancies, HCG continues to rise up until 12 weeks (doubling every 48 hours or so?), so if you miscarried at 12 weeks it would take much longer for the hormones to leave your system than if you miscarried at 6 weeks.

I've had 4 mc. For the one that ended at 12 weeks, it took nearly 35 days to test negative on a pregnancy test. One at 8 weeks took a week or so. Earlier mcs took even less time. I don't think it is particularly abnormal to still be testing positive after 2 weeks.

Incidentally, ovulation predictor kits will respond positively to HCG in your blood. This means that if you use them before you have got a negative pregnancy test, you may well think you are ovulating when in fact you are not.

hoops997 Wed 27-May-09 21:22:58

Thanks for your reponses, I was supposed to be 8 weeks but scan showed 6.5 week bean, how quickly can you get pg again?

arena Wed 27-May-09 22:59:03

sorry about your m/c, some people can get pregnant again very quickly after a m/c

I m/c in nov and i waited for the bleeding to stop before trying again. Well i was pregnant again 1 week after bleeding had stopped, with no period. Im 29 weeks now.

Good luckwink

hoops997 Fri 29-May-09 17:30:46

crikey......arena smile......did you m/c natuarlly or was it ERPC/D&C? How long did you bleed for? Sorry for all the questions, just curious and trying to find out how possible it is to be pg so soon after ERPC......

drifterdec10 Tue 02-Jun-09 09:36:17

Hi Hoops, I had a mmc at 10 weeks (my second in 5 months) at around the same time as you and an ERPC on the 17th. Yesterday I still had a faint line on a test, so I was wondering if the hcg was on its way out. I also have a positive on an opk but not the strong positive you need for it to be a positive, if you know what I mean. I don't really know what's going on! Bleeding stopped 4 days ago but still got a pain in left side - don't know if this is ov pain or 'retained product' (eek). Going to test again at weekend and if still positive then will check with docs/EPU.

It would be nice if we were pg but as this is my 2nd mmc in a short time I don't know what I'd do if I had a 3rd, already feel a bit numb, like it's not really happening to me. I'm 35 and no DC.

hoops997 Thu 04-Jun-09 21:21:19

Sorry to hear you are in the same boat, I think you should get yourself checked out, I have no pain just aches, and my bleeding finished 5 days after faint line that I had last wed is now quite bright so god knows whats going on inside my body!! Hope you are well smile

drifterdec10 Fri 05-Jun-09 08:47:08

Thanks hoops will go to doc's soon (am away at moment). Sounds like it could be good news for you and that you may have taken adavantage of that 'extreme fertility' window after mc (which I have never managed to catch)...fingers crossed!

Emz27 Tue 21-Jul-09 18:40:37

5 weeks 4 days after my ERPC I got a Negative test. Worried all the time waiting for it, now its just a wait for my period. My doctor has been no help at all during these past few weeks even when I was miscarrying.I had no information on what to expect just keep being told to wait. From other people I found it can be up to 8 weeks for a Negative result. So hold on in there, easy to say but we are all here to help.

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