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Periods after miscarriage

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quackers Mon 28-Apr-03 14:23:40

Hi all, can you reassure me that all is ok? I stopped bleeding after miscarriage about 12 days ago. I have today started bleeding, I think it's my period as it suddenly started as periods do. How long after did any of you have your first period? I know doc says 2-4 weeks but having bled for 6 weeks folling m/c and ERPC I'm frightened of it not being a period!

snowqueen Mon 28-Apr-03 14:56:55

When I had my miscarriage, the scan a few days later showed there was fluid in my pelvis which meant either it was ectopic pregnancy or I was ovulating again and it wasn't ectopic so I was already fertile again and as you ovulate about 14 days before a period, it probably is a period. What treatment any scans, urine tests and blood tests etc have you had?

quackers Mon 28-Apr-03 15:25:31

I had a scan 2 weeks after the ERPC (13 days ago)and there was still a six mm product left. The bleeding had already started slowing abit. They gave strong anti biotics and the next day I had stopped bleeding and felt totally normal again so the hospital were happy for me to not need another scan. So here I am 12 days later, I'm sure it's my period. I really hope so because I was worried I would be affected long term by an infection I had. Does this mean I ovulated too. I know ladies who are infertile can have periods but I never have had a problem in that Dept! Thanks for your take on it! Glad you got yours too! xxx

quackers Tue 29-Apr-03 12:10:22

I think the period has finished - if it was that is! Now I'm really confused. Is it supposed to be so short? It started off heavy for about 2/3 hours and has gradually stopped!
Any other opinions on this!!!!

quackers Tue 29-Apr-03 13:22:38

Yet another update. It's started again - yehhhhhh!

Katherine Thu 01-May-03 09:19:22

Oh quackers, I'm so sorry you are going through this. Can't offer much in the way of reassurance I'm afraid as after my first two mc the bleeding stopped very quickly. The last one was more complicated and did go on - but then I discovered I was actually pg and bled on and off for the whole first trimester which was horrible. From that I suppose you can at least draw the positive conclusion that even though you might be bleeding your body can still return to normal and even concieve and carry a pg (not that I'd recommend it of course). I kept thinking my period had come but every time I felt releif it stopped again. I felt like I was going mad. Hang in there - your body will sort itself out eventually. Hugs.

quackers Thu 01-May-03 09:49:58

Thanks Katherine, sorry for your losses and glad to hear that things do sort themselves out! I think it definately was a period as mine last about 4 days and it is now finishing as it usually would. I have still had some bits - tiny ones coming out and the blood is very very dark almost black. I suppose it is clearing out the last of it. I really hope things will get back to normal soon and I will have another baby!
xxx take care!

sibble Thu 01-May-03 10:44:13

Hi quackers
I am in a similar boat, had a m/c 3 weeks ago, bled for 10 days stopped, bled (nothing much to talk about but plenty of pain) for 3 days and today nothing am in too minds whether this is my period so can try again in 2 weeks or whether this is still "bleeding". My old boss gynaecologist(! am nurse should know) said wait for 2 "periods to make sure" but don't want to wait that long.
Not much help for you but thought it might be useful to know someone was in the same boat. Also have spent all day pondering on it. Am in NZ and is night night time here and DH away on business.
Take care

quackers Thu 01-May-03 11:00:12

Sibble, this does sound like your period. 3 weeks later. I have had so much pain too with this supposed period. Last night I had the hottie bottie and Nurofen! You also say you've stopped bleeding so I would be inclined to go with the period theory. Like me you bled about 10 days later! Now I'm stopping! $ days later.

I'm afraid I agree with the boss!wait maybe two periods. Let your womb get back to normal abit. I've started using persona. I can use as contraceptive for another month and then use the red days to get pregnant - I hope! Good luck to you, I hope to hear more from you as you are obviously the same stage as me!!
It's true what they say. You can advise people all day in your job but when it comes to you, it's a different story! My Mums a nurse and has this problem!

lazyeye Mon 08-Sep-03 14:21:26

Looking for advice on same sort of thing really. Bit of a tale, so sorry:

Had my 2nd son last October - now nearly one. Never had a period despite only b/feeding for 7 weeks. Got pregnant in June, but miscarried at around 10 weeks. Stopped bleeding within a couple of weeks, so all over by say early July. Still no period........I'm anxious to try again. Have mentioned to doctor. Was being referred to Obs & Gyn re no periods after birth of son, but cancelled apt because was pregnant. Anyone else had trouble starting periods after birth/m/c. I'm 35, hope its not menopause.........

quackers Mon 08-Sep-03 15:06:11

Oh Lazyeye, hi again!! I can only say go to your GP and ask for full hormone check - LH FSH and progesterone etc.. don't know if u had this already??? hard to judge which day is what though. Is your GP going to refer u again, could you go private??
I am just waiting for my cycles to go back to normal afetr my second m/c. I haven't had an LH surge for ages, results of bloods tommorow though!! Don't see to have got my P's back so easy this time, but still early days!

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