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recurrent miscarriage tests

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shyla01 Thu 23-Apr-09 15:35:21

Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help, I have recently had my 3rd miscarriage in 12 months. I have been refered for tests by my g.p and she advised that the current waiting list is 3-6 months, but while I was in hospital having my last d&c I was advised that I would have to wait AT LEAST 9-12 months IF I WAS LUCKY!! I really did not want to wait that long and have looked at goin private but at £900 just for blood test I am very reluctant to do that!! I know that the wait is goin to vary from hospital to hospital but even a rough idea would be great, or even better if any one has had them done recently in the cardiff area. Any feedback would be fab thank you

sue10 Sat 25-Apr-09 18:49:23

Hi there, sorry for your mc's, i really feel for you. After 3 mc's i had the level one recurrent mc tests which showed all was ok but i still went on to mc many more times so decided to pay for the level two tests (also known as the chicago tests)which have cost £1300 but have shown immune issues which probably account for all the mc's i have had. I wish now i had had the thorough level two tests done at the beginning as oppose to waiting !!! Sorry i can not help with regards to hospitals in Cardiff, i have to travel 3 hours to get to a clinic in Nottingham but am very pleased i did if only to get a reason. All i would say is to research all you can about mc's/ treatments/clinics etc.. Fertility friends is another great site where up to date knowledge can be found about these.

shyla01 Mon 27-Apr-09 18:01:36

hi sue thank you for your message. i think we are just goin to try 1 more time then pay for the tests ourselves. after speaking to my gp it seems i have not even been referred yet! the letter seems to have been misplaced. she also seems to think i will just be advised to try taking asprin for the nxt pregnancy anyway so i might just give that a go. If i dont have any luck next time i will look into a bit more then. have you had the tests recently have they advised you on what to do in future pregnancies?

kay1980 Mon 27-Apr-09 21:10:13

Hi Shyla I have also just had my 3rd MC (well about 7 weeks ago now)I was told that I would have to wait a couple of months for an appointment with a specialist and when I had my first period after the MC to go to my GP to have bloods taken to be tested. I actually had an appointment through within a couple of weeks but unfortunately they couldn't really tell me much because they didn't have any of my blood test results so it was a bit pointless going!! She did tell me that when I try again to take the aspirin so I'll try that when we start trying again and see if it works. It seems to work for some women and not others. I think its pretty bad that you've got to wait that long for an appointment. I can't really help with regard to hospitals in Cardiff I live in North Wales.

squilly Mon 27-Apr-09 21:31:18

I'm so sorry to hear about your news Shyla01. It's a horrid thing to go through and when all you want is answers, it seems totally heartless to have to wait so long for tests to be taken.

I thought I'd been lucky with my testing, but it took a few months, now I think about it.

I had my 3rd MC in July 1999, took a holiday in October and started testing when I got back early November. It seems a long time to wait but the clinic were so thorough it was really worth the wait.

In December I was put on Clomid as my urine/blood tests showed low hormone levels (I think it was) and I took a few months to conceive even then.

Got pg in April, had dd in January 2001.

They never found out what was wrong really....perhaps tests are better now and they certainly knew nothing about aspirin then.

Whatever you decide to do, NHS tests or private, just stick with the process. It's a long winded palarver, but it's worth it in the long run.

Good luck and take good care of your about your mcs whenever you need to, don't bottle things up. You've lost 3 little lives and that's a very sad situation. Don't beat yourself up if you get a bit depressed around others/babies/idiots who can't stop asking when you're going to produce your offspring, even if it's months from now and seems inappropriate. Grief is a strange thing and isn't always straightforward or linear.

Hope you have better luck with your next pg.

sue10 Tue 28-Apr-09 19:31:49

well as i've already tried using progesterone, steriods, aspirin etc but sadly still mc which is why i did the indepth tests. I now have to try harder drugs which work at supressing the natural killer cells called Humira, LIT and Intralipids. After so many mc's i dont feel i caould try again without these drugs as the tests have shown that i will always mc. These are expensive drugs so have to wait till i have saved enough cash before i can go ahead.

All the very best, really hope the aspirin works for you, it does for lots of woman.


shyla01 Tue 28-Apr-09 20:31:25

thank you all for your replies. its so good to speak to other people who have been through the same things! i have been feeling very emotional the last few days and u have all been a big help on mumsnet. this lst miscarriage has taken alot out of me! We found out at an early scan on march 3rd there was no heart beat, i measured about 8 wks and that was about right for my dates. i had the pessaries 10 days after on friday 13th , (which was the due date of one of my previous miscarriges) unfortunately they didnt work too well and i ended up havin d&c 2 weeks after, so i really feel this mc has dragged on and on!!

kay- sorry to hear about ur mc, i have asked my gp about her orderin the bloods but she says it is the hospital that orders them? its all so confusin! x

squilly u are sooo right! all i want is for someone to tell me why this has happened! And even though i already have two wonderful children, these miscarriages have been since i have been with my new partner and EVERYONE wants to know wen we are going to start expanding the brood! i am trying my hardest to take things easy but at the mo all i can think of is conceiving again!! x

and sue- i really do hope it all works out 4 u in the future, it seems so unfair that you have to pay for your own tests/medication but im sure it will all b worth it eventually! x

thank you all again and sorry for the very long post!! xxx

31180 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:13:12

Hi, I thought I would tell youn all about my history of miscarriages over the last three years. First of all I think it´s worth saying that I have a very healthy 11 year old girl, the pregnancy was uncomplicated and she was born 3 weeks early. I have since married a new partner and 3 years ago we decided to try for a family. Everything seemed fine up until 13 weeks and at 19 weeks I miscarried, totally unexpextedly. It was very traumatic, we had various tests done and they said no cause was found. So we tried again! The second miscarriage was a empty egg at 8 weeks. Just bad luck they said! So we tried again! This time I miscarried at 6 weeks. By this time we decide to undego genetic testing and thought it must all be down to that or stress, so we decided to wait a year or so. The result came back negative, just bad luck they said.

I had comlpained a few times in the pastabout excessive bleeding during periods and bleeding during sex or doing exercise, but nobody took any interest. I had heard about a procedure where they could check out the state of the utereus through use of a camera. I asked for this procedure, but they did a quick scan and said all was fine and i didn´t need one.

2 years passed and we decided it was the time to try again. This time it seemed like I couldn´t get pregnant. A few times i felt pregnant and my period was late, but then my period came and so i put it down to paranoia. The next time i felt pregnant i did the test the day my period was late and it turned out that i was pregnant, but my period came the next day. So this time i had had a micro- miscarriage. I expected that i had had 2 more over the last 6 months that we had been trying.

So, i decided to take it all into my own hands and started reading medical journals on recurrent miscarriage and heavy periods.

Through my extensive research i diagnosed myself as having fibroids or polyps, something that no-one had ever even mentioned to me in the past.

I checked myself into a private clinic and told them I wanted an ultrasound and hyroscopy of the uterus.

I saw a private gyno. and told him my history and he imediately told me this type of bleeding between periods was not normal for my age (34). They check me out inside and out and discoverd a large uterine polyp 2cm, the size of my uterus. I had it removed there and then.

I month later my period returned and amazingly it only lasted for 5 days now, not 9 and i hardly bled compared to the litres i had been bleeding for years, ever since i gave birth to my first daughter.

This gyno, who had read my history and looked at my case, told me the polyp probably had everything to do with the miscarriages. However, another one, who didn´t have a minute and couldn´t read English, said it had nothing at all to do with it, its all to do with good or bad eggs???

By the way i live in the north of Spain.

So here i am now, 6 weeks pregnant and feeling a lot more optimistic. Lets see what happens this time. There is always hope but you need to read up on it all and get the best doctors as most of them are just following protocol. It seems to be that in Spain you need to have at least 4 miscarriages before people start taking you seriously, and of course you need to insist on the treatment and investigations that you want. Well i wish you all good luck and just wanted to let you know there is always hope!

I´ll let you know how it goes.

shyla01 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:50:22

hello there 31180. thank you for sharing your story. it is quite similar to mine in that i too have already had 2 healthy pregnancies and then gone on to mc since ttc with my new partner. I have never really considered that the problem might be to do with my uterus. i suppose when you have carried two healthy babies you assume all will be fine in that department. i have convinced myself that if its anything other than bad luck it will most likely be a blood issue. i have had to have quite a few blood tests over the years due to bruising very easily. at the time i was just told it may be some type of 'mild hereditary blood disorder'
so fingers crossed it is something simple to fix. I have recently recived a letter from the hospital to say the date for our tests will be confirmed soon, so hopefully we wont need to wait to much longer. although we have decided to go ahead and try again straight away regardless. and if things dont go to plan we will defo be looking into going private.
i really hope everything goes well for you. keep us posted x

rachxx Wed 01-Jul-09 15:47:02

innermost secrets is in the cardiff area

shyla01 Wed 01-Jul-09 21:50:56

hi rach. innermost secrets is based in the spire hospital cardiff. mr beattie the consultant is lovely. he treated my mum when she had fertility issues about 20 odd years ago. i contacted the clinic to see about the tests they offer and after discussing my history with mr beattie we agreed that i would probably be best to ttc one more time before going through what would hopefully be unnecessary testing. the prices were £900 just for the bloods and £120 per visit. didnt ask about the price of scans.

and i was keen to try again asap. didnt fancy waiting for results. (bloods can only be taken 6 weeks after bfn and need to be taken 6 weeks apart, so potentially 14wks waiting depending on how quick results come back)

i have decided to keep my name on the nhs list and just hope for the best next time. if it does happen again i will be straight up to spire, luckily mr beattie usually has appts free most saturdays.

i have read some of your other posts and was sorry to hear about your mc's hope you are well.
have you made any decisions about getting tests done for yourself.

shyla01 Wed 01-Jul-09 21:53:39

also just to add when i spoke to mr beattie he advised me to ask my gp to arrange my bloods and just take the results to him. not all gp's will do this obviously but it is always worth asking. haven't asked my gp yet but i certainly would in the future. £900 is such alot of money

Joolsiam Wed 01-Jul-09 22:00:18

The waiting times in different parts of the country are just unbelievable

I am in the Home Counties and only had to wait just over 6 weeks between asking my GP for a referral (after a 3rd mc) and getting an appointment. I've had tests done and go back at the end of this month for the results, so pretty quick.

shyla01 Wed 01-Jul-09 22:04:43

jools. i have not even had a date for my tests from the nhs. angry
they keep sending letters saying it will be soon.

thats why i will defo go private if it happens again.

hope you get good news with your results.

clairemorgan81 Tue 17-Feb-15 17:34:14

Hi has anyone took part in the response miscarriage trial? I have just signed up after my third miscarriage and just wondered how it's gone for anyone else xx

bakingtins Tue 17-Feb-15 20:02:59

Zombie thread claire but do come and join RMC support thread 17.

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