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Sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms at 5 weeks

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meandmybub Fri 06-Mar-09 10:45:12

Hi, I'm 5 weeks yesterday and all of a sudden today I have lost all symptoms ... it started with me noticing a spot on my chin this morning, when so far I have had really clear skin and now I don't feel any nausea or tiredness at all - absolutely nothing. I haven't had any bleeding at all, just a tiny bit of light brown discharge overnight last night.

Is there any chance this isn't bad news? I think I have resigned myself to it being a miscarriage, but obviously there's a bit of me that is still hopeful!


kissmummy Fri 06-Mar-09 12:41:30

hmmm, well, it's very early to have any pregnancy symptoms anyway and they do come and go, so this could well not mean anything. if you hadn't had any bleeding i'd say definitely don't worry. however, the brown discharge can be a bad sign. BUT it can also be nothing! the only thing you can do is sit it out and see what happens. it's really, really hard, i know. do you have a history of miscarriage?

meandmybub Fri 06-Mar-09 12:55:04

No, I'm very lucky - I have a gorgeous 16 month old DD and all was absolutely fine with that pregnancy.

I'll just twiddle my thumbs and pretend to work this afternoon and see what happens!

kissmummy Fri 06-Mar-09 12:59:30

that's all you can do's crap. i hope the bleeding stops and all is well. lots of people have a bit of bleeding in early pregnancy and go on to have healthy pregnancies.

kissmummy Sat 07-Mar-09 15:40:58

any update, meandmybub?

Fozzie78 Sat 07-Mar-09 18:41:10

Hi I had brown spotting as just over 5 weeks and just over 7 weeks and im now nearly 15 weeks with everything so far being ok, I didnt really have symptoms (apart from sore boobs) until around 6 weeks tho. I also had 2 previous missed miscarriages with spotting early on. As kissmummy said it can be something or nothing, I hope you have a nice positive outcome xxx

meandmybub Sun 08-Mar-09 16:36:48

No, nothing - still feeling absolutely not pregnant - but no bleeding or anything.

I just cannot believe that I can still be pregnant - until Thursday night I was getting nauseous, my gums were bleeding when I brushed my teeth, my skin was clear and I was on the loo every 5 minutes .... then I woke up on Friday and absolutely everything had completely gone back to normal and has stayed that way since.

I spoke to the doctor on Friday and he said it might be nothing and it might be a miscarriage ... he told me to take another pregnancy test the middle of this week and then to contact him again .... but I am guessing that as I haven't expelled anything that it will be positive anyway, even if I have miscarried ...

kissmummy Sun 08-Mar-09 20:07:07

yes, that seems rather daft surprising advice from your doctor, because as i understand it you are likely to go on getting a positive pregnancy test for quite a while whatever has happened because you will still have higher than usual levels of pregnancy hormone. i really feel for you - it's horrible not knowing. all you can do is wait and see what happens. if you get to seven weeks with no further bleeding you could go for a scan and they are likely to be able to see if it's viable (how i hate that word!) thinking of you

sarah76 Wed 11-Mar-09 22:20:02

When I reported loss of symptoms to my GP at 5.5 weeks, she ordered blood tests 48 hours apart to check HCG levels were rising/doubling appropriately. Kinda surprised your GP didn't do this as a first step.

In my case, the levels were rising, but not fast enough. GP referred me for an early scan which showed a heartbeat, but the lady did say the sac was smaller than it should have been. I ended up miscarrying naturally a few days later, at 7w1d.

I certainly hope this is not the case for you. Can you see a different GP at your surgery and ask for blood tests? It's a bit early to scan I think, but blood tests could give you some reassurance.

meandmybub Fri 27-Mar-09 11:49:46

Well I'm happy to say that after lots of waiting, doc referred me for a scan at 8 weeks and there was a heartbeat and growth was absolutely fine for my dates. Obv not quite out of the woods yet, but good news and a big relief. I wish everyone else who is waiting well - and hey, it's not always bad news!

kissmummy Fri 27-Mar-09 14:11:05

fantastic news meandmybub! congratulations

hettie Sun 29-Mar-09 14:30:33

Hi there- congrats meandmybub....... what you described in your first post could be me. I however am really quite convinced that this pregnancy has 'gone' ifykwim.... Last wkend, when I would have been 5 weeks boobs began to feel less sore and now all back to normal. No bleeding, but assuming it's a missed miscarriage so......
I'm trying to get an early scan as I had a previous ectopic and this would be my biggest fear. So far communication between GP and EPU has been poor and I will have to chase them again tommorow.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

meandmybub Tue 31-Mar-09 18:30:46

Good luck Hettie - I hope you get your scan soon and I hope it's good news. All I can say is that I was convinced mine had gone - I couldn't believe at the time that it hadn't as I very suddenly felt completely normal having felt dreadful for several days - but as you can see, it turned out well - I hope it does for you too. x

hettie Tue 31-Mar-09 18:35:51

hi there,
thanks for you thoughts. I had early scan at epu today and to my utter shock they saw a tiny blob with heartbeat! Like you I was convinced all was lost- remember having hugely sore boobs and tiredness by this point in sucesful pregnancy..... Am in shock and still have some doubt (it can't be ok must mean bubs is 'weak' or something ifykwim). Anyway am crossing fingers and toes that all will be ok.

FiveGoMadInDorset Tue 31-Mar-09 18:38:16

Hettie - in my second pregnancy I had no symptoms at all so you could just be one of those. Good luck and fingers crossed.

Hi all,

Wonder if someone can give me a little bit of advice please or just reassure me.

I mc at 4 weeks (so i've been told) was bleeding and it became red over a few days then back to brown. I passed 3 clots over the weekend just gone. At that time i only had a few symptoms of being pg feeling sick, increased appetite etc. 3/4 tests were positive. This has only been confirmed by phone as no one would see me only being 4 week maximum.

Problem is im now exactly a week since the bleeding started and its virtually finished now but my boobs have become bigger and feel quite sore over the past 2 days. My DH said last night they have felt 'fuller and bigger'? I'm 100% sure im not pregnant anymore as i dont feel different its just the boobs...
Im assuming this is normal and DH is assuming its to do with hormones etc but i was only 4 weeks pregnant at the most? They feel constantly sore and sensitive is this normal??
Thanks for any advice you can give me. smile

Tazo Sat 02-Jan-10 09:18:25

Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant and suddenly loss all the symptoms of sore breasts, frequent urination, nausea and tiredness. Is this normal at 5 weeks?
I did miscarry previously at 10 weeks and prior to that I had a beautiful full term baby.

Is there anyone out there who could offer some advice? Or who has gone through a similar experience?

Looking very forward to your comments.

GibbonInARibbon Sat 02-Jan-10 09:26:09

5 weeks is early to get full on symptoms and they come and go anyway. Try not to worry smile

Tazo Sat 02-Jan-10 09:56:57

Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant and suddenly loss all the symptoms of sore breasts, frequent urination, nausea and tiredness. Is this normal at 5 weeks?
I did miscarry previously at 10 weeks and prior to that I had a beautiful full term baby.

Is there anyone out there who could offer some advice? Or who has gone through a similar experience?

Looking very forward to your comments.

Tazo Sat 02-Jan-10 10:00:16

Oops sorry didnt mean to post that message again. Not sure why that happened.

Thanks GibbonInARibbon

I'm trying my best. No doctors available easily this time of the festive season anyway.

So i'll have to wait and see..

MrsC1stTime Fri 30-Jan-15 10:52:54

Hi All,
Sorry if this is a really old post. Am currently just starting my 7th week of pregnancy. Have already seen my midwife (saw early due to past DVT) and the last few days I have had no pregnancy signs at all. Didn't really have any sickness before just a slight gagging sensation that's all and an aversion to meat. But no nausea now, no cramping, boobs feel much better.. but I do have a dull ache in my lower back and I am now stressing like mad that its stopped developing. Am currently waiting for a call back from my GP but I am sooo worried.
No spotting or anything. Am I just paranoid or do you think with right to be worried???

inconceivableme Fri 30-Jan-15 13:40:23

It's normal to have no symptoms in early pregnancy. I personally wouldn't worry unless there was red blood and even then, there isn't necessarily a reason to worry.

Can you pay for an early scan for reassurance?

Walkinthepark123 Sat 31-Jan-15 23:19:07

MrsC1st time - same has happened to me at just over 6 weeks. Sore boobs, tiredness, raging thirst, mild nausea - all gone. Overnight. It's hard not to worry. Gp said it could all be fine or it could be the start of mc. Just have to wait. What did your gp say?

Lanikalani Mon 02-Feb-15 21:59:15

I'm also 6 weeks and symptoms have faded. I started noticing this last Tuesday and called my OB in a panic. Got hcg tested Wednesday which was fine, but now everything is completely gone... No soreness of boobs, not tired or constipated, not hungry or thirsty. I'm soooo worried. I have my first US Wednesday but am not hopeful. I've had 3 MC's so far and they all started with symptoms going away. Anyone have any updates???

milly27 Mon 02-Feb-15 22:28:14

I think I'm around 5 weeks today had what I thought was implantation bleeding for 2 to 3 days on the day my period was due it stopped not got alot of symptoms. Took a pregnancy test last week but came back negative. Since what I thought was implantation bleeding I did get cramps but hardly any bleeding and since the negative pregnancy test I've had a lot of creamy discharge and a gummy clear discharge similar to ovulation discharge. Has anyone gone through this that can give me some advice. I've had 3 miscarriages.

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