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can bleeding at 10/12 weeks be anything other than miscarriage?

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cp3 Wed 13-Apr-05 00:58:55

I cant sleep, my head is all over the place. Im leaving Dp to sleep as he doesnt know what to say to make me feel better. bless him its his baby too.

Doc at hospital has done an internal and says my womb has contracyted back and the foetus is being expelled. he/she could have died a few days ago. I have a scan to confirm tomorrow.

Is ther any hope???

mears Wed 13-Apr-05 01:01:35

cp3 - there is always hope until you get you actual scan. Doc cannot tell you for sure that the baby has died at this stage. Hope you manage to get some rest tonight. How many weeks are you?

cp3 Wed 13-Apr-05 01:04:22

Between 10 and 12, im so scared Mears

mears Wed 13-Apr-05 01:07:29

I am not quite sure what your doctor means. Was it your GP. Was it a doc at the hospital?

cp3 Wed 13-Apr-05 01:08:03

I have no pain so thats a good sign isnt it? My belly is huge for my dates too.

mears Wed 13-Apr-05 01:11:58

Sorry , just realised you said doc at hospital. You obviously got sent home. Where I work you wopuld have got a scan straight away. It is not unusual to have bleeding when your period would be due such as 4wks, 8wks,12 and 16 weeks. I will keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Do you still feel pregnant? I miscarried my fourth baby but inside i knew I did not feel pregnant any more. All breast tenderness and nausea i had disappeared.

cp3 Wed 13-Apr-05 01:22:15

its been a strange one for me this time mears. Its my fourth pregnancy and have had no sickness at all. Ive felt queasy sometimes but nothing like before.Ive been exhausted and get a bit dizzy. As i said my belly is already rounded and obviously there, they were taking the mick at work today saying it must be twins.

All in all compared to the others i havnt really felt pregnant at all but ive done 6 tests in the past weeks and all posotive.

At the moment i just feel very tired, emotional and numb. My bump is still there and i want so desperatly to belive that he or she is trying its damm hardest to stay alive.

Thanks for your support Mears, i ve often read you helping others and so gald your on line tonight to help me

fisil Wed 13-Apr-05 07:45:03

cp3, thinking of you. I bled heavily from 13 - 16 weeks with this pg and he is certainly still in there alive and well! But having also been through a mc last year, I have some understanding of how last night has been for you, and that pg can end in tragedy. Please look after yourself and never try to tell yourself how you should be feeling. The way you are feeling is always the correct way!

cp3 Wed 13-Apr-05 08:16:14

Fisil did the Doc think you had misscarried too? How far are you on now? You have brought me a little hope, what reasons have they given you for bleeding?

bunny2 Wed 13-Apr-05 08:39:12

cp3, I was pg last year and after 2 miscarriages I was terriefied as I bled on and off through to 20 weeks. I was sure nothing could survive all that bleeding but she did! After 9 worrying months I had a beautiful dd. Bleeding is quite common and not necessarily indicative of a miscarriage. BTW, I also had NO sickness whatsoever when carrying dd, another sign which caused unnecessary worry. Good luck

fisil Wed 13-Apr-05 08:39:22

The GP was always very sensitive about how she talked about the bleeding - she knew how recent my mc was and that it would be on my mind. I also went straight to the local EPU the next morning, and so I saw the scan within 24 hours of the bleeding starting - once I'd seen a heartbeat I felt better.

I am now 38 weeks and getting a pumelling from the inside, so he is certainly healthy in there.

No reason was ever given for the bleeding, apart from the possibility that it was the placenta moving into the correct position. Sometimes they form too low and correct themselves. And as the placenta moved, it will have caused some bleeding. My history is that I have only ever bled during my successful pgs - I didn't bleed at all with my mc!

However, as I say, I know from bitter experience that it can all go wrong, and it is hideous. No matter how common it is, how many children you already have, it really makes no difference, it is the most horrid thing. So please keep talking. I'll be thinking of you today.

george32 Wed 13-Apr-05 10:14:38

Oh no CP3. I do hope that it is good news for you when you go for the scan today. Is your DP going with you?
I have everything crossed for you.

bundle Wed 13-Apr-05 10:16:58

cp3, here's a few reasons for bleeding in early pg: (from babycentre)

In the very early stages of pregnancy, as the fertilised egg implants there can be a day or two of light bleeding. Later, as the placenta embeds in the uterine lining, it causes slight bleeding. Sometimes a woman will experience 'breakthrough' bleeding.

Pregnancy hormones cover up a woman's usual hormonal cycle, but variations in those normal cycles still go on. Some women notice bleeding at around the time they would usually have had a period as a result of this 'background' variation in hormonal levels. And occasionally women will experience a cervical erosion (a softening of the cervix), which can cause bleeding in early pregnancy.

Bleeding can also be associated with a vaginal or cervical infection or a polyp (a benign growth) and can also occur after intercourse. Sometimes it's not possible to decide what has actually caused minor bleeding.

It's worth talking to your midwife or doctor about any bleeding in pregnancy. Often light spotting is not considered a major problem. But spotting or fresh bleeding, especially if it's accompanied by abdominal pain or cramping, needs immediate attention, as it may be the sign of a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy (where the embryo implants in the Fallopian tube rather than the womb) or, in later pregnancy, a problem with the placenta.

Having had some bleeding in early pregnancy, it's natural to feel concerned. Call your midwife or your GP.

expatinscotland Wed 13-Apr-05 10:17:32

n/thing to add, cp3, just keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping it all works out!

munz Wed 13-Apr-05 10:19:38

oh cp3, ((((hugs))))

althou i have some good news, this is happening to one of my friends, she's 13 weeks, and has been bleedin almost constantly for about 3 weeks, anyhow test/ scan confirmed all is ok. there is hope. (((hugs)))

Scrumpty Wed 13-Apr-05 12:21:01

I had bleeding on and off between the 10th and 20th week of my last pregnancy, and my son is going to be 2 in June. So don't worry too much, but obviously keep your GP and midwife informed as they will be able to give you the best advice. Try to relax too, put your feet up!

cp3 Wed 13-Apr-05 14:40:04

Just back from the longest morning ever at the hospital. Its a bit more posotive for me and there still is a glimmer of hope. The baby is hanging on in there at the moment. My dates were completeley wrong and the sac was alot smaller than expected. She couldnt see a heart beat but there was sonic waves. I am going back next thurs and if they find a heart beat and i have no more bleeding then hopefully all will progress well.

Thankyou everyone, so much. You dont know how much all your kind words mean to me. Im going to rest now, have taken a week off work. Im not allowed sex, so thats one benefit. (joke) Anyway ill post and keep you informed. Thank you so much everyone

FastasleepTheInsomniac Wed 13-Apr-05 14:41:10

Sonic waves is good! Well done for being so brave! xxx

kid Wed 13-Apr-05 14:44:26

I'm really pleased they were able to give you some positive news. Take it easy and let us know how you are doing.
I've not experienced a MC but did have bleeding in early pregnancy with DD. I know how worrying it can be.

munz Wed 13-Apr-05 16:35:42

so it's feet up then! hope all goes well! (((hugs)))

leander Wed 13-Apr-05 16:37:24

Sounds positive cp3, now make sure you rest all week and let dh take care of everything.

burstingbug Wed 13-Apr-05 16:51:50

I have my fingers crossed for you and hope that baby hangs on in there.
I had bleeding at 7 weeks and was sent for a scan, I was told that my bleeding could have been caused by cervical erosion.
Luckily everything was ok and my pregnancy lasted 41 weeks and I am now happily holding my 7 week old (sleeping) DS

Mirage Wed 13-Apr-05 20:47:53

That sounds good CP3.If it helps,I bled heavily for a week with dd at 8 & 12 wks & she was fine.The same thing happened with my current pregnancy-bleeds at 8 & 10 wks,but baby was fine.

I know more people who bled during pregnancy than didn't.

Will keep everything crossed for you.

bunny2 Wed 13-Apr-05 20:52:00

good news I'll keep my fingers crossed for more good news from you next week.

mears Thu 14-Apr-05 00:17:48

look after yourself this week cp3. Will keep fingers crossed for you

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