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Infections after miscarriage

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Tec Sat 05-Apr-03 13:45:11

I had a miscarriage about 9 weeks ago. I continued bleeding for 3.5 weeks after the the D&C (or ERCP as they call it these days), but was told this was normal. It stopped eventually to my enormous relief. I then had a break of 2 weeks and had another really heavy period. Great I thought I'm back to normal. I can try again - hurray. Then 1 week later I started to bleed again (mainly brown dicharge) with strange pain. They were not like period pains but very difficult to explain. I ached badly on the one side of my vagina and what felt like the top of my womb. It was a dull ache not sharp pains. I decided it was time to go back to my GP. he was very nice. Unfortunately he thinks I may have an infection (he described it as like having a cold in the womb) even though I don't have a temperature etc. He said the other alternitive is that everything has not been removed by the D&C. I must go for another ultrasound scan to confirm this and may have to have another OP. He has given me very strong anti-biotics (which have upset my tummy) in the hope that it is just an infection! Since starting the anti-biotics my period has gone heavier again with proper red blood. Is this the final clearout? Please say it is, I'm really fed up with it all. All I want is to be back to normal so we can try again.

Has this happened to anyone else. I just don't know what to expect next?

Katherine Sat 05-Apr-03 19:21:45

Tec I am really sorry to hear about your loss and about what you are going through now. I have had 2 mc followed by D&C and in both cases I only bled for a couple of days although I am sure it varies a lot. I had a 3rd mc not long ago which was much later (12 weeks) and they didn't give me a D&C this time but I bled heavily for a week and then developed a clot which acted as a plug. Once this was removed I bled on and off for another week. The brown blood is the older blood.

I think it is good they have given you anitbiotics as obviously you are at risk of infection. I'm not a meidcal person but I would say however that the bleeding you describe sounds more like retained products (horrible phrase) ecpecially as you are now having more fresh bleeding. Can you ask for a referral to an early pregnancy unit for a scan so they can see what is going on. You can phone a lot of them even without a referral from your doctor. I do think you need to get this sorted out though - so you can move on if nothing else.

Although the prospect of another D&C must fill you with dread imagine the relief of knowing your body at least is on the mend and you can move forward. Be kind to yourself. You have gone through (and are still going through) something horrible and traumatic. I hope you are getting plenty of support at home. I am sure you will get it here. All my love.

Tec Mon 07-Apr-03 15:44:34

Thanks Kathryn for your support. It helps to know other people experince the same thing. I am so sorry you have had 3 mc's. I have been referred for another scan. So one way or another things should sort themselves out. It can't go on forever can it? I have a very supportive partner.

Katherine Mon 07-Apr-03 16:44:06

Thank goodness they are doing something for you Tec. Hang in there. Cyber Hugs

PS Should have added - I am now 22 weeks pg (conceived 2 weeks after that horrible 3rd mc with the clot. All is well this time. So take heart, you will get there.

Tec Tue 08-Apr-03 14:43:21


My scan date has come through for Friday 11th April. So should be sorted soon. Its amazing that you can have 3 mc's but then conceive and carry normally. Did they investigate for a problem after the 3rd?

Katherine Tue 08-Apr-03 15:32:17

Hi Tec - good news. Not long to wait for you.

They did offer to investigate but because the 3rd mc was so different to the first 2 I felt it probably had different causes. Also I had 2 healthy pg between the 1st 2 and the last so again I felt they were unrelated. Funny thing was I was meant to have a scan 2 weeks after the mc but because of the clot they put it back a week. When I finally had it the sonographer commented that I would get my period soon as my lining was thickening. With hindsight I now know of course that was because I was pg!

I really hope you get the all clear on the 11th. Its so important to be able to draw a line under it all. I know how frustrating it all is. You just want answers and often there aren't any.

Tec Tue 08-Apr-03 15:38:01

The stories on here give you hope. A virtual support group. It is the first time I have ever taken part in an on-line discussion, its amazing to find support from people you don't know. Do you know of any other good sites?

Tec Fri 11-Apr-03 16:58:09

The bleeding stopped Wednesday, and the pain went yesterday. For the first time in weeks I feel human again. Have just been for my scan and it was all clear. if I had any retained products or an infections its allgone. The scan showed i was about to ovulate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to normal at last.

Katherine Sat 12-Apr-03 12:11:39

Tec - I'm so pleased for you. I remember the feeling well. Although it is sad it also allows you to draw that much needed line under all the horrible and sad events and move forwards. When you feel ready to try again you are bound to feel far more anxious and paranoid but you will get through it as long as you take it one day at a time and I'm sure you will gets lots of support on Mumsnet. Bu tmake sure you feel ready first. Finding I was pg before I even got my first period was a real shock and I think it made it much harder. Give yourself as long as you need. Big Cyber Hugs

quackers Wed 16-Apr-03 11:33:17

Good to hear about someone in the same position! Unfortunately I'm still bleeding! Miscarried 5 weeks ago!! Had an ERPC nearly 2 weeks ago and I'm still bleeding bright red blood!!! I bled for a day after the ERPC, stopped for a few days and then started again, that was a week ago. Went to docs again last night and because I've had antibiotics already he just gave some tablets to stop the bleeding. He said it was unlikely to be something to worry about. He should have sent me for another scan I think. Well fed up now. I want it all to be over!!!

jayc Sat 19-Apr-03 10:34:56

hi tec and others
i've recently been through similiar stuff but have been told by a consultant i trust recently that this is almost certainly hormones gone wild and nothing else. i miscarried in mid Jan, had one ERPC, then antibiotics, continued bleeding, had another ERPC, infection, more anti-biotics and am still bleeding a little bit. i saw the consultant last week and he suggested going on the pill for a couple of months just to get the system back in order. the consultant said in my case the second erpc could probably have been avoided - the pill might have done the trick then.
i found the the hardest thing about all this has been worrying about any long term damage (according to the consultant there will be none and very rarely is any) and trying to deal with the hospital (GP was great but of course had to constantly refer to the hospital). but i am definitely feeling relieved and healthier and hoping to stop bleeding very soon!
so glad you are feeling better tec and hope you feel the same soon quackers

quackers Tue 22-Apr-03 14:44:27

Tec , so glad you seem to be on the mend. I too have finally stopped bleeding! I was scanned again on Thursday and was told I still had remaining products even after ERPC. They gave me strong antibiotics and within 24 hours I had strong cramps and clots for a day and then it stopped! Nothing now for 4 days!
I'm just starting a new worry now though. The infection didn't subside with the first set of antibiotics and it was week later when I was given different ones and it cleared up. I now worry about my fertility! The baby was there for 3 weeks and then they did the ERPC and then another 3 weeks of bleeding and infection. The doc says don't worry - hopefully it won't, but I really want my period now so I can try again!! I saw a comment from someone before saying that a pregnancy after m/c is never the same. I can imagine that is true - but I would love the chance to find out!!!!

Tec Tue 22-Apr-03 17:40:58

There I was thiking everything normal again. Unfortunately bleeding/brown discharge came back a bit last Friday. Stopped again over weekend and then came back today. I have made another appt to see Doc on Thursday. I still have pains as well.

I am getting pretty sick of all this though. Like you say you just want to be normal so you can try again!

Quackers - Glad to hear you are getting sorted. I think my hormones must be up the swanny. My Doc told me that the infections you get are just like having a cold in your womb and will not affect your fertility. It can't do can it if the scan showed an egg sac on my ovary!

Jayc - I thought the Doc might suggest the pill. I don't really want to go back on it as I want to try again, but if I get back to normal quicker maybe it is worth it. What have you done? Also my Mother is convinced that getting pregnant after just 1 normal period when I stopped taking the pill (after 10 yrs) is a cause for miscarriage, as a Gynae nurse her friend knows said she saw more women in her ward after a miscarriage after taking the pill for a long time than anyone else. The Doctor's say there is no medical evidence to support this, and I know this - but you still think about it don't you!

Glad to hear from others with similar problems, it helps, cos' you think you're the only one don't you.

quackers Tue 22-Apr-03 20:06:43

Tec, I really feel for you! I honestly know how it feels when you start bleeding again. I really hope they give you another scan - if not demand they sort it. Last week I said to the Doc if these anti biotics didn't work I want another ERPC. Have you tried a different antibiotic(s). I had amoxycillin for a week and still bled. They rescanned that day and saw more retained products and I did have an infection as my uterus was still bulky and it was tender when they did an internal. Then my very good GP put me on 2 new ones on a high dose. Within 12 hours I had painful cramps and passes a couple of clots and that was it. 4 days now and no sight of blood. I can't help being obsessed when I go to the toilet though, examining the tissue for more possible blood ! - sorry that's abit vulgar! Let us know what the Doc says Tec - insist on that scan and maybe suggest alternative antibiotics if there's an infection. I really hope you're sorted soon. I was going to go straight for it and try again but after all this I think I'll hang on at least 2 periods!

Tec Wed 23-Apr-03 17:08:33

I have already been re-scanned and this was all clear. So it is either an infection or my hormones gone mad. The Sonographer said that they cannot see infection on the scan. Have had 2 lots of anti-biotics the first lot gave me terrible diahorea, then I had another lot which the Doctor described as domestos for the pelvic area. I had to take 2 immediately then another 5 in one go (of a different sort) the following day. The bleeding did increase slightly after that and then stopped. They say I have no retained products as the scan would have shown these. Do you think I should still ask for another scan?
Anyway We'll see what Doc says tomorrow!

jayc Wed 23-Apr-03 19:39:52

hope all goes well tomorrow. yes, i had the same underlying anxieties about the pill as you and i haven't asked the doctor for a prescription yet. i've begun to bleed much less and i'm hoping it will all go away....i'm also feeling better, less washed out. i guess i'll wait another few days and see.
one thing the consultant i saw said was that the anti-biotics won't stop the bleeding. they may be necessary but they actually increase the hormonal freak out and so they shouldn't be expected to stop the bleeding.

quackers Wed 23-Apr-03 20:50:30

Good luck tommorow Tech. See what they say. If you already got an all clear from a scan then products can't suddenly appear again I suppose. Your hormones must be all over the shop. I do feel for you and hope that something is suggested tommorow to remedy this for you!
take care xxxx

Tec Sat 26-Apr-03 13:05:36

Went to Doc's yesterday. He said it was my hormones. By Thursday the bleeding was really heavy again! He suggested I go back on the pill as it could take a long time for things to go back to normal again. He has given me a 3 month presecription and said that should be enouch to get me straight again. I can then stop and TTC again. He said he didn't think it was a good idea to let things go back to normal on their own as bleeding so much all the time is bad for you and can cause other problems. To be honest if the pill sorts things out I am happy. I do want to ttc again, but I just want my body back and if the pill does that quicker then so be it. Let's hope this sorts it out! Doc said I could have hormone tablets as an alternitive, but that he wouldn't recommend getting pg while on them as it could harm the baby and they could make me sick etc. As I have had this pill before and had no problems with it, I have decided to go with this option as I don't want to be anymore ill that I already have been!

I think my body needs a few months to heal anyway as everything is v.tender! I just want to be normal for a while.

Up until the last week all I wanted was to be pg again, now I just want my body back and to feel human fr a while. There is time enough to get pg again. think I might wait for while after stopping the pill so I am not worried about that as well, but I spose I will worry about it no matter how long I stop for! I will always wonder if it wasn't long enough.

quackers Sat 26-Apr-03 20:08:19

Tec I think you have done the right thing. This hopefully will sort out these irregularities you've been having!! You and your body are used to the pill. Your body might even be saying 'Thank god for that' when you start again because that was normal. You can then get used to that feeling and lets face it that will only be for 3 months or so and then you can 'crack on' as they say!
Good luck and take care!!!!!!

jayc Sun 27-Apr-03 15:19:21

I totally empathise with your feeling about wanting your body back. Going on the pill sounds very much the right thing to do. I haven't bled for five whole days and I feel alive like I haven't done in months.
Good luck

Hughsie Sun 27-Apr-03 18:54:28

Good luck tec. Enjoy the summer months and let yourself get back to normal a bit

Tec Tue 06-May-03 10:46:12

Pill hasn't worked either! Still bleeding, and was inso much pain last week that I went back to the Doc's last Thursday. It wasn't like ordinary period pain like tightenings. He gave me more anti-biotics and has sent a letter for me to be referred to a Gynaecologist. The pains subsided a bit over the weekend, but the bleeding still the same. But last night the pains came back as bad as ever, they have gone off this morning. I don't know what is happening! Anyone else expereince anything similar?

quackers Tue 06-May-03 11:06:06

Tec, I am so sorry that this is happening to you. This is going on and on and on! I have just been discussing bleeding with Ghosty in the TTC thread. Heavy long, irregular, black blood, even bits in it, I presume still from m/c. I was hoping that the pill would solve this for you but I would be encouraged by the referral to a gynae. How long will it take?
They will proably do blood tests at certain times, look at your ovaries and tubes etc..That way, they can eliminate certain reasons for this and hopefully find the right one and put you right. It's amazing how much a m/c messes up your body. I don't know anyone though who has had long term effects and they have all gone on to conceive again. I think that's what keeps me going. I don't think I've had a week in the last 7 weeks without bleeding. I'm probably going to try the pill myself and see if it helps.

Did the Doc say what it might be or did they say it is the effects still of m/c?

quackers Tue 06-May-03 13:54:03

Tec R U there? I too am now bleeding again. I share your frustration! I am so fed up. I thought I'd had a period, but 2 days later bled again for a couple of hours. Then nothing for 2 days and then bleeding again today. It seems redder today. I don't worry if it lloks old but red blood I worry about!
What are we to do!

quackers Tue 06-May-03 15:45:45

Jayc - what's happening with you these days? Love to hear from you and maybe give TEC and I some hope!

Tec, just looking back at this thread for some inspiration. Do you still have the dull pain at the top of your womb? I too have had this and still have it, every day. I was told i'ts probably where the placenta was attached and is like a wound that needs to heal and it might explain these bleeds we have?? I can't get to see the doc for another week without going a s an emergency.I have a prescrition in my bag for anti biotics, I don't know wether to get it or not.
Oh the frustration eh!

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