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Progesterone - my Consultant's opinion

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amelied Thu 12-Feb-09 12:15:52


Went to see my NHS Consultant yesterday afternoon for a "Bereavement chat".

I have had the recurrent miscarriage blood tests after my second pregancy, they tested early because of my age, and they came back normal.

Background on me: I have had 3 miscarriages, no children. Just turned 40 two weeks ago - have been trying for a child since I was 36. Took 12 months to concieve first pregancy, resulted in blighted ovum discovered at 6 weeks when I started spotting. Second pregnancy took 16 months to concieve and was a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks, discovered at 9 weeks scan. Third pregancy took one month to concieve (we waited two months to hear the recurrent miscarriage test result) got to 10 weeks
before spotting started and confirmed at 11 week scan. That was 3 weeks ago. I also have a borderline underactive thyroid which I take 50mcg of thyroxene.

At my appointment yesterday we went over my results and I was armed with questions. My main question was about Progesterone. After reading pages and pages on this wonderful website about women here going onto have successful pregnancies with the support of Progesterone and knowing it has helped friends in RL, I asked if there would be any harm in me taking them, I was lucky enough, in the next pregnancy. She told me that there is no evidence about Progesterone supporting a pregnancy and basically wouldnt suggest it to me. My last 21 day test (which I was pregnant at the time but didnt know) was scored 31.

There was a case that was reported in the newspapers of a lady in Edinburgh that had 18 miscarriages and was given Vitamin B12 injections which resulted in her having her baby daughter.

I had to ask for more tests as they wouldn't be offered to me if I hadn't. I will be having another progesterone test on Day 21, thyroid test, and the B12 test. They are also giving me the AMH test as my NHS hospital is now offering them but again I had to ask.

Phew, if you got this far - thank you for reading!

So my question is should I fight for this progesterone supplement even if my progesterone result is the same?? Anyone been in this situation?

bitchyfanny Thu 12-Feb-09 12:52:11

you have been through it girl, anything is worth a try. sure someone will be along soon who knows. good luck.

Daynee Thu 12-Feb-09 13:37:10

hi amelied - I am sort of in the same boat but haven't yet tested my progesterone because I am ovulating right now and want to ttc (since last mc in Jan.). My doc also said the same thing - that studies are inconclusive as to whether or not it really prevents mc but then I read about so many women that have taken it after recurrent mc's and voila - it worked! So she never put me on it and I was the one who had to ask for it and I'll be taking it soon. If I were you, I'd give it a try because it can't do any harm.

I've also had all the blood tests and just found out I have something called MTHFR which means my body doesn't absorb folic acid or vitamin B well so I have to take tons of it. Is this one of the things you've been tested for? I also have a hypothyroid but that's also inconclusive if it's a cause. I happen to think it's a combination of factors that are affecting me, and could possibly be affecting many women with unexplained mc's!?

Keep us posted. XOXO

EldonAve Thu 12-Feb-09 13:41:52

What is your TSH result? Ideally it should be under 2

chandellina Thu 12-Feb-09 13:56:51

insist on progesterone. it can't hurt and it can help.

the official NHS line is that low progesterone in a pregnancy is a symptom not a cause of miscarriage. However, other countries such as the US take a different view and will prescribe progesterone as a matter of course, particularly to older women whose levels tend to be low anyway.

I measured low on normal cycles, and got a NHS consultant to agree that I should take suppositories if I were to fall pregnant again after two miscarriages. When I finally did get pregnant again, I took 400iu of progesterone pessaries, plus one baby aspirin a day.

My miscarriages were unexplained but that third pregnancy resulted in my 6 month old son (at age 38) and I would certainly follow the same again if I am lucky enough to have another pregnancy.

best of luck to you ... it only takes the one good egg.

4everhopeful Thu 12-Feb-09 13:57:21

Hi I had 3 mmc all tests showed no cause, took cyclogest progestorone supplements & aspirin twice a day with PG no 4 from week 5&a half onwards but still lost it at week 8, dont know if should of started it earlier, but will still try it next time. MC was 2 weeks ago today & had erpc, seing my consultant in an hour hence rushed post, gonna get natural killer cells test done privately now.

Push for the progestorone, anything is worth a try I figure... Hope this helps..

amelied Thu 12-Feb-09 13:59:58

Thanks Girls

EldonAve it has been over a year since I had a test - I had to ask for one yesterday.
The last one was under 2.

Hi Daynee - have you seen the article about the Edinburgh lady - if you put her name Angela Haston in a search engine - it sounds so similar to yours. I think this maybe the B12 test that they are going to run for me - does that sound similar to what they tested you for?

Hi Bitchfanny - thanks for the bump!

EldonAve Thu 12-Feb-09 14:02:10

hypothyroid and B12 deficiency often go together

they should have checked your thyroid as a matter of routine, glad to hear you are getting it checked

amelied Thu 12-Feb-09 14:07:24

Chandellina and 4everhopeful many thanks.

Im so sorry for all your losses - if the medical profession would let us try these things if we are willing to - it may save a lot of heartache.

My consultant has told me to take baby asprin (75mg) from the day I (hopefully) get a BFP.

amelied Thu 12-Feb-09 14:13:03

Hi EldonAve - thanks, yes it is going to be checked next month.

I felt totally drained after leaving the hospital yesterday. I am now getting a battery of blood tests completed that I had to ask for, with thanks to Mumsnet and all the superb women, who have unfortunately suffered but have been generous to share their stories, I would have never known about.

ChloeChris Thu 11-Jun-09 13:31:20

Does anyone have any experience of progesterone or phytoestrogen as having helped post natal syndrome or psychosis?

GerryG Thu 11-Jun-09 20:44:25


I went through the whole range of tests after 3 miscarriages. I lost the first at 9 weeks then after that developed a pattern of implantation bleeding with each pregnancy,a few days later a positive test then miscarriage within the week. One was thought to be ectopic which was awful as I feared that would be the end of the road.

After 5 miscarriages I had my little Angel Katie Anna - 6 weeks after my 40th birthday, so don't give up hope. I'm now trying for another baby and have had a further 2 miscarriages. My consultant says there is no point in testing me all over again but encouraged me to keep trying.

I found the book "Miscarriage: What Every Woman Needs to Know" by Lesley Regan very helpful.

I wish you well and please don't give up hope.

Love Gerry x

AngelWaller Mon 28-Nov-16 21:41:51

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Newmumm2017 Mon 25-Sep-17 23:10:13

Does anyone know if you can self refer to have the natural killer cells test done? I saw a private consultant today however he didn't mention it.

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Tue 26-Sep-17 17:27:05

Hi - yes @NewMumm2017 - the team at Coventry (Uni of Warwick) will do private uterine natural killer cell biopsies (two, taken in the luteal phase, a month apart) for a flat fee of around £500, then will recommend treatment if they come back positive. Probably only worth doing if you have recurrent loss but I think it is a really good option. Google Professor Quenby / Jan Brosens Warwick natural killer cells and you will be able to find details. Essentially you abstain from TTC for a cycle, ring them when you ovulate, and arrange to come in for a biopsy at about 7 to 10 days post ovulation. You have the option of doing this a second cycle if your first biopsy is negative (if it is positive there is no point in repeating it as treatment will just be offered then).
Hope this helps

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