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Tissue left from previous miscarriage - anyone had this? Please help

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Diddle Wed 06-Apr-05 13:21:58

I miscarried in January, then discovered i was pregnant again in March. No period in between. Have since lost some tissue and blood but not many blood clots. done p/g test which is still positive and been to my local EPU and they said ti could be from the first miscarriage and to wait 2 weeks and return to have another test and be scanned. is this possible to lose tissue from the first m/c and carry on with a healthy pregnancy. has anyone else had this?

dyzzidi Wed 06-Apr-05 13:35:16

No sorry but did have to have two D & C's after miscarriage as after the first one I retained tissue and needed to be operated on 6 weeks later.

So this kind of thing happens!

I hope everything turns out ok for you.

Rosiepooh Wed 06-Apr-05 13:56:20

Hi I had a miscarriage in august last year. I was 3 months and so had a D&C. I carried on bleeding for 2 months after with the occasional one day off. On returning to the hospital because of pains in my stomach they told me I was pregnant again with twins but was loosing one of them. I was 8 weeks. To me it seems more likely that there was tissue left from the last miscarriage, however i have had no bleeding or loss of any tissue since finding out I was pregnant again, but scans reveled that the tissue had broken up and dispersed. Vanisihing twin they called it. however i am now 28 weeks and looking forward to the birth.

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