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April 05 Miscarriage

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Diddle Sun 03-Apr-05 11:26:21

Started bleeding 2 days ago, not much a no pain, then last night i was woken up with stomach cramps and heavy bleeding but no clots. then i could feel it, it just dropped out into the toilet paper. This is my 2nd Miscarriage in 2 months. feel so low and don't know what to think. Have a scan tomorrow will find out more then.
I'm exhausted. anyone else going through the same???

Wills Sun 03-Apr-05 11:55:55

Not going through it at the moment honey but have had two miscarriages and feel for you soooo much. Its awful I know just be kind to yourself. Thinking of you and sending you tonnes and tonnes of hugs {{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}

lilsmum Sun 03-Apr-05 11:57:55

so sorry

Twiga Sun 03-Apr-05 13:12:07

Suffered mc in July, really knocked me for six. So sorry you're going through this, as Wills says, be kind to yourself and take all the time ans space you need to grieve. Hope the scan isn't too tough for you tomorrow. Thinking of you, lol x

madness Sun 03-Apr-05 13:34:28

To me it happened on thursday. I had a miscarriage about 9 years ago but it wasn't planned and it didn't effect me very much. Now I'm 41, feel time is running out/has run out. Had to go back to work on friday and pretend I just had a bout of vomiting etc...Now have visitors. And the only thing I want is to creep back to bed and pull my quilt in top of me...

Diddle Sun 03-Apr-05 14:02:07

thank you all
madness - i hope you're copeing ok, have you told your visitors? i'm sure they would understand if you did crawl and hide away under the covers.
I'm pleased it has happened at the weekend for me, with my first i went back to work the day it happened and thought i would be ok, but then fell apart later the same day. its worth taking time out for yourself and if it means a couple of weeks or days off work then do it. You're health and mental state is more important.

Look after yourself and feel free to chat on here, my pc is always on. my thoughts are with you. stay strong. or if you feel like breaking down, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing.

berolina Sun 03-Apr-05 18:50:57

Diddle, madness - thinking of you, am so sorry you have had to go through this. I know from personal experience what it's like. Look after yourselves, take care.

Arabica Sun 03-Apr-05 20:48:22

Take care of yourself, Diddle & Madness, let us know how you are getting on. Everyone's grief is different but it really helped for me to post on know I wasn't alone with my recent miscarriage (6 weeks ago). Hope it brings you comfort too.

Spacecadet Sun 03-Apr-05 21:54:38

diddle I lost my baby 3 weeks ago at 16 weeks, so i know what you are going through, {{{hugs}}}

Diddle Mon 04-Apr-05 08:26:37

thinking of you all, have my scan later today which i am dreading. seen so many prgrams of people having scans and seeing heartbeats and babies. but i have to go.

Nemo1977 Mon 04-Apr-05 08:32:00

diddle I have had 3 mcs last one in dec[I was 15 wks but baby had died at 9] and it is a horrendous thing to go through.The positive is hun that after my first 2 mcs which were natural I know have a gorgeous 17mth old. It doesnt stop the thought of the babes u lost but it doesnt mean u wont have any babes in the future[dont know if u already have kids?]We are currently ttc again now.
Good luck hun and thinking of u today.

Nemo1977 Mon 04-Apr-05 08:33:37

meant to say i found out at scan that my baby was dead.

However with ds I was bleeding for 2 wks and thought it was Af as i didnt know i was pg..turned out i was 9 wks and with all my pg I have had bleeds like a period

Diddle Mon 04-Apr-05 09:20:07

no children already, trying for our first. after the first m/c we didn't wait for a period and got pregnant straight away, i think we will wait this time, and make sure my body is well rested first.
Its good to hear positive stories. i know its possible we can have a baby eventually, just heartbreaking when you get your hopes up isn't it.

Arabica Mon 04-Apr-05 11:32:27

I hope the hospital you are going to for the scan is as kind as mine was. I was scanned whilst an inpatient for asthma so I didn't have anyone with me for moral support, but the staff couldn't have been better. I had a missed miscarriage which means I hadn't had any outward sign there was a problem (like cramp or bleeding) and immediately after the scan I was ushered in to see a bereavement midwife (I think that's what she was) and she was lovely and crucially didn't make assumptions about how I was feeling. I really didn't want to hear that it was 'meant to be' or be given encouragement about conceiving another baby-I needed support grieving for the lost pregnancy and that's what I got.

Diddle Mon 04-Apr-05 17:42:09

Had my scan which really didn't give us any answers. They couldn't see anthing in my uterus but i might not be as pregnant as i thought and they might not be able to see anything. They did a pregnancy test which was positive which might mean i'm pregnant or might mean that i still have the hormone in my system. So i have to go back in 2 weeks and have the same again.
Feel very drained and we aren't getting our hopes up, we think its gone. But are coming to terms with it and will be majorly shocked if i am still pregnant.
I hope that everyone else is ok.

madness Mon 04-Apr-05 18:40:49

diddle, was just going to ask how the scan was. Must be difficult to wait for another 2 weeks for answers.
Finally managed to get my scan organised for thursday. Hope that "that is it".
Did feel a bit miserable today when I saw a pregnant mother today but well what can one do....
Take care!!!

Spacecadet Mon 04-Apr-05 22:10:17

diddle is ait poss that your dates are wrong?, I had this experience with dd2.. hospital scanned me cos I was bleeding at what I thought was 7 weeks, scan showed nothing, and I was vomiting and preg test was poeitive, hospital said i had a molar preg, went back 10 days later to be scanned and there was a heartbeat, i was only 7 weeks then so i had been to early on for the baby to be seen on the scan, if you are less than 6 weeks they cant see very much at all., sometimes nothing.

kid Mon 04-Apr-05 22:25:07

Diddle, are you still bleeding?
Its going to be a long and difficult 2 weeks for you. Its a shame they couldn't have offered an internal scan, (I think they are used in early pregnancy) at least you could have known for sure now.

Diddle Tue 05-Apr-05 07:25:16

Yes i'm still bleeding, but just normal blood like a period, not much in the way of clots.
We'll just have to wait and see.

Diddle Tue 05-Apr-05 08:47:04

Yes it is possible that my dates are wrong as my last bleed before this was another miscarriage so my dating was based on this, which was very unreliable, so i could be 7 wks or less. I think thats why they're getting us back. I also still feel pregnant, last m/c i felt very empty straight away. Its so strange, but i do know that it is possible to still feel pregnant because of all the hormones flying around.
I'm really trying not to get my hopes up.

Madness - How are you doing? I hope all goes well on Thursday, let me know what they say. I'll be thinking of you. I've started doing the jealousy thing, especially looking at young kids with babies, or with 5 kids. Its so unfair. Life is c**p.

kid Tue 05-Apr-05 13:13:32

I think after bleeding for a long time, the chances of still being pregnant are slim. Its cruel that you have to wait still not knowing.

I know someone that continued having normal periods until she found out she was 7 months pregnant, with her 3rd child.

I hope the 2 weeks pass as quickly as possible for you, take care of yourself. xxx

Diddle Tue 05-Apr-05 13:40:04

yes it is cruel because i keep getting my hopes up, and it will be horrible in 2 weeks when they do the test and it says negative. Bleeding seems to have stopped, it has been 4 days. very weird. who knows whats going on. i wish i did.

Spacecadet Wed 06-Apr-05 21:08:36

i bled with all my pregs, inc ones i carried to term, its possible that you are still preg.

Nemo1977 Wed 06-Apr-05 21:11:52

same here about the bleeding with all pregnancies. Quite normal af type bleeding i had even with my ds and all around 6/7 wks

HellKat Thu 07-Apr-05 08:30:11

Diddle- Found you hun. How are you? Sorry I was'nt around on the other thread (had severe gastroenteritis). Was so shocked when i heard. Just to let you know I know what it's like (had 3) and just do things in your own time when you're ready. Try and rest and if you need anything let me know. Take care.

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