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woke in the night to red bleeding - feel so sad now.

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Sat 17-Jan-09 08:44:59

am 6-8 weeks - have scan on monday to confirm. 'i woke up at 5am to go to toilet and when I wiped there was bright red blood. It seems to have tailed off at the moment but I don't hold out much hope. I know from my past history that red blood can be a miscarriage but also that with one of my pregnancies I had quite a lot of red blood and it was all ok and I had a baby at the end of it. I just don't have any hope at all now - I have that horrible draggy period pain feeling. It's my neices birthday party today and I'm going with my 2 dd's - surrounded by family but feeling so low. sad

belgo Sat 17-Jan-09 08:49:04

sad I'm very sorry to hear this. Itt's very worrying for you, especially as you don't know for certain what's happening.

Do you have to go to the party? Is it possible to ask another family member to take your children, giving you a chance to rest and look after yourself?

wasabipeanut Sat 17-Jan-09 09:04:17

Oh Hangingbelly, not you too. This is just too cruel.

I hope so much that this is just a "one of those random things" bleed rather than anything more serious.

Acho what Belgo says about getting someone else to take your children to this party? The only way I got through Tuesday this week when I was at home with ds all day was to pretend to be Mummy of the Year - and that was pretty difficult under the circs.

Wishing you well x

VJay Sat 17-Jan-09 17:11:29

My heart goes out to you Hangingbelly, how are you doing now?
Take it easy if you can xx

Hangingbellyofbabylon Sat 17-Jan-09 20:31:59

thank you for thinking of me. Well, it seems to have stopped for now which is good news but I just feel sick to the core, that sick feeling everytime you go to the loo and wipe and all of the normal stretchy crampy feelings now feel like something more. I did go to the party and it was good as I was busy for a couple of hours, then had a nice nap this afternoon to try and escape from it all. The only thing keeping me going is that I have a scan on Monday afternoon so hopefully I'll get some news. This is horrible.

wasabipeanut Sun 18-Jan-09 10:01:34

Good morning Hangingbelly. Thanks for your note on the other thread yesterday. I'm feeling a bit more positive today. Yesterday was pretty shit it has to be said but now, well, I can't change what's happenned so I have to try and accept it. I feel calmer and less angry. Still sad but not angry.

I am hoping and wishing that your outcome is positive. I just hope today goes nice and quickly for you. It's a bugger isn't it? The waiting. I'm thinking of you x

Hangingbellyofbabylon Sun 18-Jan-09 17:56:34

You're so kind to think of me when things are so hard for you. I am keeping you in my thoughts xx

Fozzie78 Sun 18-Jan-09 20:12:00

Goodluck for your scan tomorrow, I really hope it goes well xxxxxx will be thinking of you xxx

michelle7744 Mon 19-Jan-09 10:03:59

good luck today hope all works out for you you will be in my thoughts toady xxxxx

Daynee Mon 19-Jan-09 13:14:48

Hi Hangingbelly: I'm so sorry you are bleeding. I hate that dreadful feeling everytime I'm preggers and go to the bathroom and then when you actually see the blood, your heart just sinks.
Let us know how it goes...xoxo

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