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RubyF Sun 04-Jan-09 17:12:41


I wrote my first message on this site last week following the news that I had miscarried for the first time over xmas. I decided to opt for the medical management procedure - I was so confused at the time so don't know if I made the right decision. I ve spoken to the EPU a few times and I ve been told that I may have passed the pregnancy because after some heavy bleeding and strong pains - everything has all but gone away. I m still bleeding a bit and have been told to wait 10 days or so after the bleeding has stopped before taking a preg test. I wondered if anyone can share their medical management experiences and has anyone had to wait as long as me? I passed a large clot a few days ago and it was a bit of a one off so the nurse said that may have been the pregnancy but I just don't know. I d be grateful for any advice.

Fozzie78 Sun 04-Jan-09 18:13:16

Hi, Im so sorry for your loss, its so cruel what we have to go through especially when medical staff dont make it any easier.
I had 2MMC and with my 2nd I chose Med Managment due to a very bad experience with my first MMC, the nurses were absolutely lovely and helped me thru the whole ordeal. I passed quite alot of tissue but the nurses were unsure whether all had passed so they booked me in for a scan 3 days later to make sure at this point I had passed more tissue when I was back home and the scan showed it was clear. Did the nurse not mention another scan to you or a follow up? I received very good care with my second thank with my first at a different hospital.

Thinking of you as I know its very traumatic, take care xx

resolutions Sun 04-Jan-09 18:36:53

HI ,poor you.sad
I'm not sure if i had the same thing.
it was medication to cause miscarriage following the booking in scan at the hospital found there was no foetal heartbeat.i took one med at home then 3 days later went into hosp and took 2nd medicn to enforce miscarriage.
i'm sorry i don't remember if i had a scan after.
were you in hospital or at home?
i know its more comforting at home but could be a bit frightening too perhaps.
don't be afraid to grieve it is justified.
hope you okxx

RubyF Mon 05-Jan-09 15:56:26

Hi both, thanks for your replies. I think I m feeling very alone at the moment. I have had lovely messages and talks with friends but still feel alone. I also feel that the staff at the EPU have been ok but I feel like they have just left me. All they have said is wait for the bleeding to stop and then after 10 days take a pregnancy test. Are these similar to your experiences?

resolutions Mon 05-Jan-09 16:14:05

hi RubyF
sorry to hear you are dealing with this alone
Could I suggest you get appt to see gp tomorrow to discuss with him whether you need a scan or examination to check nothing is left behind which could cause infection etc or any other queries you may have.
I think you made a good decision,do you mean instead of surgery?
make an appt to discuss any concerns imo
if you don't mind me asking how many weeks was the pg
hope you are okxx

Fozzie78 Mon 05-Jan-09 16:42:00

Some nurses dont seem to understand what were going thru, probs because theyve never experienced a miscarriage. I had a similar experience with my first MMC where they just left me but they were also not very nice and certainly not sympathetic, my own GP was great tho, my 2nd MMC I chose a different hospital and the staff there were lovely and helped me a lot, I also found the NHS helpline to be really really nice and supportive. You need support so I would do as resolutions said and make an appointment with GP who will refer you or at least talk to you as talking will help your sadness. Take care am thinking of you xx

RubyF Mon 05-Jan-09 21:07:57

Thanks for the advice. I should have said that my hubby is doing all that he can as are my friends and family but somehow you still feel alone. I will see my GP and also give the NHS helpline a ring. I m going back to work tomorrow and will see how that goes. My workplace is very supportive.

I was only 7 weeks preg and yes I deecided to go for med man instead of D/C. But now in hindsight regret my decision.

Thanks again x

resolutions Mon 05-Jan-09 23:06:33

sorry Ruby if sounded bit patronising,meant alone not in hospital,not alone without family and friends.i chose med man when it was new and i think it good decision[am medic qualified],but as i said before i was in hosp .i stayed in all day till it was all over.i had a lot of mixed feelings and uncertainties at the time tho and its quite traumatic,hope you okxx

RubyF Tue 06-Jan-09 15:00:42

Thanks- I still think that even with good support you can feel lonely. However just come back from work and it was ok. Just have to take things day at a time.

It's nice to have your support. x

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