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So confused - am i miscarrying?

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Fudgey1 Fri 02-Jan-09 11:08:45


I'm new to this site so i'm sorry if i've done this all wrong.

I found out a week ago last monday(22nd) that i'm pregnant and was over the moon, but last Friday i started bleeding and haven't stopped since. I had an early pregnancy scan on tuesday and they couldn't trace a heartbeat but when i explained that i had a negative result a week before the positive result they thought i wasn't as far gone as they first thought (maybe only 4 weeks instead of 6 and a half) so am booked in for another scan next thursday and the wait is killing. I am still feeling sick/sore boobs and very hungry!

To complicate things further 2 days after my negative result i had a LLETZ procedure, to remove abnormal cells from my cervix (i would never have gone ahead with this had i known i was pregnant), they did say that i would bleed up to a month after the treatment but i had no bleeding until this all started (a week after the treament). I'm so confused about what is going on... Has anyone else had LLETZ whilst pregnant?

Sorry to ramble on... just so worried and confused.x

orangehead Fri 02-Jan-09 11:31:15

Hi, so sorry you are going through this. I have not had an lletz so cant answer that. But I have had 3 mcs and two normal pregnancies that have resulted in my two boys. Two of my mcs I had no bleeding but my scans revealed sadly my babies had died. Both my successful pregnancies I bleed quite heavily at several points in the pregnacy. I know this post may be a bit confusing but you just cant tell sometimes what is going to happen. I know the waiting is blooming awful, I remember it well but you have to try and keep yourself busy and come on here for support. It does sound as if you might be too early for a scan. It also sounds possible the bleeding might just be due to the lletz. I hope you ok and will be thinking of you for next thursday

orangehead Fri 02-Jan-09 20:10:39

Hope you ok fudge

Fudgey1 Sat 03-Jan-09 20:38:36

Hi Orangehead,

Thank you for your message, i spent the day on the sofa yesterday resting and i think its helped, the bleeding as slowed right down so fingers crossed everything is ok. I really hope its just a result of the treatment.

orangehead Mon 05-Jan-09 14:12:53

Im glad it has slowed down. I will be thinking of ypou on thursday

orangehead Mon 05-Jan-09 14:13:21

Sorry that should of been 'you'

Fudgey1 Tue 06-Jan-09 20:37:18

Thank you, i'll let you know. Fingers crossed.

orangehead Thu 08-Jan-09 10:12:52

Good luck for today

Fozzie78 Thu 08-Jan-09 16:40:27

Hi fudgey1 hope everything went well today xx

orangehead Thu 08-Jan-09 18:28:20

How you doing fudge

Fudgey1 Sun 11-Jan-09 16:16:45

Hi orangehead sorry for the delay in replying. Well we were very nervous about the scan and i had convinced myself that the news would not be good, but..... they were able to show us the little heartbeat. I can't tell you how relieved we were.x

Fozzie78 Sun 11-Jan-09 16:32:29

Ahhhhhhhhhhh fudgey1 that is great news ive been checking this thread all of the time to see how you got n, im so pleased it was good news xx

orangehead Sun 11-Jan-09 18:38:31

oh Im so happy fudge. Hope you feeling ok

rhubarbrhubarb Mon 12-Jan-09 20:12:54

Have just read this thread! That's such great news - just goes to show that it's not always the worst case scenario. Really happy for you and good luck!

Fudgey1 Tue 13-Jan-09 11:37:28

Hi Everyone, thank you all for your messages. Your right Rhubarb it isn't always the worse case scenario, thank god. I'm feeling fine except for the sickness, constant hunger and tiredness!! Hope you are all ok?x

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