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Bacterial Vaginosis - Anyone else had this while ttc?

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Melissa567 Mon 14-Jan-19 03:48:30

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lilly28 Sat 10-Mar-18 15:56:45

Hey dear, how are you? Please don't blame yourself for this. It is not something dirty at all. Sometimes, when you are in such a situation, you do not think properly. I guess that seems to be your problem. You're just scared of this. Nothing much. You'll have a healthy baby. You need not worry so much about it. Good luck!

AuntyFlo Tue 30-Dec-08 19:13:04

Thanks MrsMattie. I've heard that it can increase your risk of pelvic inflammatory disease which I'm so paranoid about Doctor said having sex won't lead to any problems like that but BV can sometimes cause this when you have surgery down there and they test you for BV before any surgical procedure if you've had an episode of it. I know too that the body can fight it off. Have had it on and off a few years now but put it down to hormones and being sweaty down there etc.. didn't know BV existed.
The dotor has assured me that if I had Pelvic Inflammotory disease that I wouldn't be getting pregnant in the first place. That I can do easily it's just keeping pregnant that I've been stuttering with twice now.

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MrsMattie Tue 30-Dec-08 18:20:01

BV is really common, and not a sign that you aren't clean, don't worry yourself! It's fine to have sex while you have it, too, as it's not an STD. Get rid of all perfumed products - in fact all products - when you shower / bathe. Bubble bath is the enemy! grin

AuntyFlo Tue 30-Dec-08 18:16:27

Thanks ThingOne I've been taking a good acidophilus with no added stuff for a few months now and have bought some probiotic yoghurt today too x

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ThingOne Mon 29-Dec-08 19:41:00

I wouldn't wash with anything other than water, aunty flo, apart from when docs say aqueous or similar. It's a really bad idea. I've had BV as a side effect of being very ill. Metronidazole is very strong so make sure you take some probiotics during or after. Yakult - though disgusting - has apparently been proven to work. I take "normal" live yoghurt and capsules (which have not been proven to work but seem to help me).

AuntyFlo Mon 29-Dec-08 18:52:57

BTW, they recommended I use aqueous cream to wash 'down there' with. I've always used non-scented soap but they said even they aren't good.

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AuntyFlo Mon 29-Dec-08 18:39:06

Thanks all! Really, it means alot for your replies

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alittleteapot Mon 29-Dec-08 17:30:28

i had this once too and now have healthy baby girl. at least they've found it and are treating it. good luck smile

Aitch Mon 29-Dec-08 17:28:55

"at times like these you're convinced you won't"

ain't that the truth? i used to feel like i was going mad. it is shit, ttc...

littleboyblue Mon 29-Dec-08 17:26:11

Sorry, I used to get......

AuntyFlo Mon 29-Dec-08 17:26:10

Good for you
I hope the same for me too but at times like these you're convinced you won't - ever. Take care

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littleboyblue Mon 29-Dec-08 17:25:47

I get BV on average every 4 months, maybe more. It is not because you are unclean, it is an off balance f the natural bacteria that lives down there.
I have also had 3 mc's but don't think the 2 are related.
I was diagnosed with BV again in Nov 06 and took same tabs you're on. Just after completing the course I found out I was pregnant. That was my 1st successful pregnancy, so try not to worry.
FWIW, since the birth of ds, I haven't suffered nearly as much as before so thinking maybe he 'flushed me out'!
Also try washing with femfresh, you'll find it in shop by towles and tampons, it doesn't contain soap so is alot gentler on your intimate area.

Aitch Mon 29-Dec-08 17:20:33

it all worked out in the end, painful as it was. i hope the same for you. smile

AuntyFlo Mon 29-Dec-08 17:10:13

Sorry to hear your experience too

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Aitch Mon 29-Dec-08 17:03:26

i'm so sorry to hear that. i lost a couple of pregnancies too (have since had a couple more... wink) and i know it feels so right to blame oneself somehow. but really, this isn't a dirt thing, it's a yakult thing. smile

AuntyFlo Mon 29-Dec-08 17:01:38

Thanks Aitch
I've had 2 m/c's this year and this BV is all I need. Trying really hard to be positive but am naturally concerned. Thanks again.

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Aitch Mon 29-Dec-08 16:46:18

what what what? dirty? no no no, it's just an imbalance of your flora, that's all. that's like saying you feel dirty for needing to drink a yakult...

please don't worry, it's just one of them ones, really. don't know about the conception thing, but it's only a month off i suppose.

AuntyFlo Mon 29-Dec-08 16:43:04

Hi Everyone, had a bad day today and need anyones advice!
I hope you all aren't put of by what I'm about to say as in TMI but here goes..
I tested positive today for Bacterial Vaginosis Have been in tears worrying it will affect my fertility and feel so dirty.
I've had, shall we say, a fishy smell down below on and off and thought nothing of it. Was tested for it in the summer and again in October because of this smell and the tests were negative.
Anyway, today I went back with the smae complaint and it was positive.
Have been given the antibiotic called Metronidazole which I had before way back.
We're trying for a baby at the mo. In one breath the doc says it's ok to take this even though I may be concieving as I type this, however, to use condoms for the 7 days while I take this course?
These docs speak in riddles sometimes!
In one way at least I've got to the bottom of what the smell is but it's worrying I now know what it is
He said having BV won't stop me from getting pregnant and has nothing to do with mc just the possibility of any future baby's being born pre-term if not treated?
Sorry for rambling but if any of you have any reassuring advice of a similar experience then please let me know. Thanks x

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