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Please come and talk to me about infection after MC

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giraffescantdancethetango Mon 13-Oct-08 21:52:19

How long after MC was it discovered?

What were your symptoms?

How did you fix the problem?

It is 4 months since my last mc, having various gynae problems, just curious as to if its a possibility.

Would be very much appreciated if you could share. x

giraffescantdancethetango Mon 13-Oct-08 22:26:56


have tried google, not getting much.

Pruners Tue 14-Oct-08 08:08:17

Message withdrawn

TheBlonde Tue 14-Oct-08 08:11:04

No exp of infection but post ERPC treatment varies so I got ABs as a matter of routine but I know not everyone gets them

barbie1 Thu 16-Oct-08 11:45:17

hi, just wanted to say that can you get another scan, there could be a possibiltiy of some retained products (this has been know to happen up to six months after a mc) if there is even a small amount of anything still there it would cause a hormone imbalance which could let to an infection...good luck x

pumpkinscantdancethetango Fri 17-Oct-08 10:17:32

Thanks,was in hosp yesterday.(sent home from work in agony) seems to be better now ive had it sorted, so fingers Xd. and thanks all.

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