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Miscarriage at 13 weeks and still feeling sick - any thoughts?

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Pruners Sat 11-Oct-08 11:22:43

Message withdrawn

poppy34 Sat 11-Oct-08 11:25:31

could be number of things - hormone levels, reaction to the drugs, emotional reaction (for me feeling sick etc was part of shock after m/c).

I would call nhs direct to be sure but feeling bloody rubbish I'm afriad is par for course after m/c .

really sorry for your loss [hugs]

needmorecoffee Sat 11-Oct-08 11:27:41

could be a few things like poppy said. Did they do a scan to make sure everything was gone? Are you feeling feverish at all?

Pruners Sat 11-Oct-08 11:41:32

Message withdrawn

poppy34 Sat 11-Oct-08 11:56:38

oh poor you - physically I think I felt okayish after about 4 weeks (I had retained tissues that they should have removed but didnt so ended up waiting for 4/5 weeks for d/c that should have had in first place) but was still rundown (ie susceptible to everything) for another 1/2 months so about 3 months in all.

If you're not doing it already woudl recommend lots of vitamins, iron etc

re mental stuff -sounds like you're prepared but it does get easier to cope in time

poppy34 Sat 11-Oct-08 11:57:56

and I wasnt sensible re takign eassy/vitamins etc so prob made it worse (did have anotehr m/c and defo recovered quicker cos was careful)

and I know I always --bang on-- recommend acupunture but I honestly think good acupunture was what sorted me/helped me have successful pregnancy in end

Habbibu Sat 11-Oct-08 12:05:16

Pruni, I would ring your doctor or EPU, tbh. Chances are it's your body reacting to a sudden change in hormones, etc, but it is important that you do check any unexpected symptoms. I had a molar pregnancy, rather than a miscarriage, so am not sure what recovery is like after that, and my hormone levels took longer to drop. So so sorry you're going through this. Be very gentle with yourself.

Saturn74 Sat 11-Oct-08 12:14:51

I would second the advice to get a medical opinion, Pruni.
Have you got any other symptoms - I know you say you aren't feverish, but is your temperature higher than usual?
I'm so sorry you're going through this.

monkeybumsmum Sat 11-Oct-08 12:43:50

Hi Pruners, so sorry that you're going through this sad.

Can I ask how far along you were when you miscarried? I presume you had 'morning' sickness before the mc?

I had my 3rd mc at the beginning of last month. I had hyperemisis which continued until I had the D&C, which was almost a week after we found out the baby had died. I was really confused as to why I was still being sick and yet the baby wasn't alive, but my gynaecologist explained that it's the placenta that secretes the HCG, and until that has gone I would continue to feel sick.

The second I woke up from the D&C I was ravenous and all the sickness had gone.

You say you have a small amount of retained tissues left - maybe (and I am speculating here as I haven't really got a clue) those tissues are from the placenta, and that is why you are still feeling sick?

Obviously, if the sickness is a new thing then that wouldn't make sense at all...

Think is probably best to get medical advice if you are worried, but I really hope you feel better soon x

monkeybumsmum Sat 11-Oct-08 12:45:56

Ignore the question as to how far along you were - I've just reread the title. Sorry blush.

shazzaren Sat 11-Oct-08 17:04:49

Hi Pruners

Sorry to hear what you are going through, I had 3 mmc in last year with ERPC's for all. I didnt feel sick after any of them but was given some heavy duty antibiotics (called met something or other) and I know they have a really bad reaction with alcohol as they really stressed that I shouldnt have a glass of wine whilst taking them. Not saying you had a glass of wine but was just a stab in the dark as to why you are so sick. You poor poor thing though, lots of love and hope you are feeling better soon.

Pruners Sat 11-Oct-08 18:06:11

Message withdrawn

TinkerBellesMum Sat 11-Oct-08 18:26:13

It can take six weeks for your body to return to normal. If there is retained tissue then that will slow down the rate of your hormones returning to normal.

I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Pruners Sat 11-Oct-08 18:53:37

Message withdrawn

TinkerBellesMum Sat 11-Oct-08 19:09:55

I still felt pregnant a few weeks later, negative urine test so they did a blood test to count my hCG levels properly. If you feel "pregnant" just like you did before then I'd think it probably is just your levels returning to normal and while there is retained tissue it will take it's time. A week isn't that long really.

If you are in pain or feel ill different from being pregnant or if your blood loss smells call your GP or MW if you have one or emergency GP out of hours. They're used to women going through this so they should be sympathetic (and if they're not ignore them, you're not getting in the way). If you're worried just call someone anyway.

It doesn't matter whether it's pregnancy loss or a birth it always takes up to six weeks to go back to normal, it's just less noticable when you have a baby to look after.

Pruners Sun 12-Oct-08 19:39:10

Message withdrawn

TinkerBellesMum Sun 12-Oct-08 22:08:48

No, miscarriage is a cruel trick

Try cabbage leaves. If you leave them in longer than you would for engorgement it helps somehow (I read this after mine but it was 3 1/2 years ago) to stop the milk coming in.

Pruners Mon 13-Oct-08 10:55:47

Message withdrawn

TinkerBellesMum Mon 13-Oct-08 15:10:15

Doctors can be so charming when it comes to miscarriage!

Habbibu Mon 13-Oct-08 15:13:02

Fucking hell, Pruners. What a shit doctor. You don't need that on top of everything else. It might be worth your while talking to the Miscarriage Assocation - they'll be much nicer, and might explain things better for you, and offer you more support and reassurance.

snowleopard Mon 13-Oct-08 15:25:56

Pruners, I've just seen this. I'm so, so sorry. I can't help with advice but just wanted to say hello and give you a big hug.

What a cow of a doctor! angry

poppy34 Mon 13-Oct-08 15:42:21

re milk coming in there is soetmthing they can do about that.. had tablets myself

and sorry for the shit doctor... what has happend to m/n campaign on code of conduct (ie so that no doctor ever says stuff like "it happens all the time")

Pruners Mon 13-Oct-08 15:59:54

Message withdrawn

TinkerBellesMum Mon 13-Oct-08 16:06:19

They must hear it all the time, but whatever happened to bedside manner?

"I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so bad, it is normal and there's not a lot I can do for you I'm afraid, take paracetamol if you're in too much pain and put your feet up for a bit. It will get better soon. If you're worried about anything then you can always come back in, that's what we're paid for "

Could I make a sympathetic doctor?

Habbibu Mon 13-Oct-08 16:07:18

She could have done a lot better than that, Pruni - she's trained, ffs. It's very grim and draining, and it's very hard to deal with the emotional and physical fallout at the same time. I remember milk coming after dd1 - it was really sad, and even though I'd been warned it would happen, I still clearly remember leaking in the shower and crying about it. Hang on in there - it will get better - it really will.

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