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how long after a mc before ovulating?? Can it happen very soon afterwards or a few weeks??

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peacelily Thu 25-Sep-08 15:32:37

Had a mc last week approx 10 days ago, stopped bleeding 2 days ago.

Ama bit obssessed with trying again at the mo although a sensible part of me thinks give yourself some time etc. Can't seem to shift this feeling of total incompleteness and still keep automatically thinking about summer next year with a baby in it then have to force myself back to reality. Already have dd (2) she is an angel so Iknow I'm very lucky.

Can anyone who's experienced miscarriage then got pregnant again tell me about their cycle and fertility following mc? I'm anticipating it will take me a while to ovulate again as I didn't have a period for 15 months after coming off the pill and 4 months after stopping bf dd when she was 7 months.

TheUNITUBER Thu 25-Sep-08 15:36:50

Hi Peacelily
There are lots of stories about women being very fertile in the weeks after MC. I had a very early miscarriage a couple of months ago and ovulated later than normal (day 24 after the bleeding started rather than day 16/17 which would be normal for me) and got pregnant. Unfortunately it wasn't viable but that's not related.

peacelily Thu 25-Sep-08 15:40:14

hi unituber, sorry to hear that best of luck with future attempts x

sarah76 Fri 26-Sep-08 10:39:28

Peacelily, don't worry, I'm obsessed too. My MC was same date as yours (I was 7w1d), stopped bleeding after 1 week. Now taking temp again daily, bought the Pre-Seed and plotting to get DP in the sack. I've already figured out it would mean missing my brother's wedding in America if I do get pg before December, but I just don't care about anything except getting pg at the moment.

Would also love to hear about experiences after early MC.

TheBlonde Fri 26-Sep-08 10:54:56

I had an erpc a month ago following mmc, I have already had my first period and I'm pretty sure I ovulated

I don't think we will try before Dec as like Sarah we have a wedding that we would miss

LullyMummaOfOne Fri 26-Sep-08 14:20:53


I think each woman will vary as i had a MMC at 9 weeks back in July. 4 weeks later i have 4 days of light spotting and then 2 weeks after that i has a full blown period. It was the heaviest its ever been (even had to have time off work) and it lasted for 8 days. I dont think i have OV yet since my MMC but am keeping my eyes open now that i have has a normal period. Im on CD8 now so lots of BD for me very soon!
Good luck ladies

Cies Fri 26-Sep-08 14:25:38

I´m pretty sure I´m ovulating now (horny as hell and a lot of cm), and this is 2 weeks after start of m/c (at 6wks).

However, dh and I have decided to wait a couple of months before ttc again because of doctor´s recommendations and my own feeling that I would like a bit of time out before getting on that rollercoaster again.

bluesatinsash Fri 26-Sep-08 16:30:05

Peacelily - I'm also obsessed with trying again (had mc on 30th August at 8+4)but trying to be chilled about it at the same time..

I would recommend using ovulation sticks as they were bang on for me for DS (26 months) and last time too, and you can ovulate before your period returns...

Think my period started on 23rd Sept as had stopped bleeding for a week and it feels like a normal period IYKWIM. Going to start using sticks next week.

Good Luck to us all!!

ChocolateEclair Fri 26-Sep-08 17:11:22

peacelily - I'm sure it's very variable from woman to woman but felt I should share my story.

I had a mmc at 7 weeks in June (baby had died at 5.5 weeks). I ovulated 24 days after bleeding started (I would usually ovulate around CD19). I found out I was pg 2 weeks later - 5.5 weeks after the mc!

Very very surprised and feel very lucky - getting pg quickly again was important to my healing, but do understand why lots of people want to wait a while. (We went against the advice of the MW!)

Wishing you the very best of luck as you ttc again xxx

VillageMum Sat 27-Sep-08 17:45:12

Hi peacelily. I'm so sorry to hear about your mc. I had a mmc this month, with ERPC on 11 September. I counted that as the first day of my new cycle. According to an OPK I ovulated on CD10 (10 days after the ERPC, that is - in the old days, CD16/17 would have been normal for me). But my consultant tells me that is very unlikely that this was a real ovulation. I've had complications in any case (infection followed by second ERPC) so ttc has been out of the question. Am now waiting for AF. Consultant also told me that the first period after an ERPC can take anything up to 3 months to arrive, depending on how regular you were before, your emotions, etc. From what you say this may be the pattern for you; if so, don't worry.

Totally understand your desperate need to be pg again asap - I had it too straight after the mc. Still want to conceive but it's not quite so packed with anguish any more and only now feel that I might be able to go about it in a healthy way. It takes time to adjust to not being pg any more... You will get there and I wish you all the very best of luck when it's time to go again! xx

maz32 Mon 06-Oct-08 20:07:18

hi not sure if n e one checks this thread?im in the same club has miscarriage end of aug and megga keen to be pregnant, but scared to try as well!!xx

rubles Mon 06-Oct-08 20:49:23

Be careful with the ovulation kits as if you still have elevated levels of hcg in your system it will interfere with the tests making them positive regardless.

dan39 Thu 16-Oct-08 13:48:31

Just in terms of you asking for experiences, I had a mmc in April, found out on 2 and had surgery on 4th, had a peoriod on 5 May, and was pg on 5 June - am now 24 weeks! I got differing advice about waiting but for me it was part of my healing to conceive again really quickly, in fact as I write this I realise my mmc due date was this mon and I didn't notice it... Good luck with it all, x

Janiney Thu 17-Nov-16 15:56:14

Hiya, firstly so sorry to hear about your mc I know this thread is quite old now but it's helped me so much to hear such positive stories.
I myself had a mmc last Wednesday (2nd November 2016) and had an erpc the day after, Thursday 3rd, and it was mine and my husbands first, we were both absolutely devastated, baby stopped growing at about 9 weeks and it had no heartbeat 😢 as you said we had an early scan 5 days before our first scan (12 week) was meant to be, so in a way I sort of prepared myself that it could be bad news due to nasty brown discharge and a slight bit of blood (sorry for tmi). Had no pain or anything really and even after the erpc my bleeding stopped that night and only slight spotting. Hardly any pain! Think I'm very lucky in that sense. We aren't waiting for AF to try again we are going with it since I didn't have any bleeding or much pain except slight cramping over the weekend (5th/6th November) we just decided to TTC. Monday 7th (original scan day 😟) we decided to take a pregnancy test and we were happy but sad that it was a negative. So ironic isn't it?! So does anyone know if this means my hcg levels are back to normal?? Tuesday eve I decided to take an ovulation test and it was positive so we DTD again and again on Wednesday and Thursday (not regimented we are quite a close couple and after what we had been through we were desperate to be closer but couldn't that soon after the op) Ovulation test was positive again on Wednesday but then negative yesterday which gives me a slight bit of hope!! Does this sound like I was definitely ovulating?? Everyone's different I know and we are trying not to overthink it or stress and just go with it. Am not going to do anymore ovulation tests now just gonna see what happens! I wish everyone luck and thank you all for sharing your stories it really helps! And so sorry for rambling on lol! Take care all xx

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