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What pain is there after and ERPC?

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rubles Fri 19-Sep-08 13:02:04

Am considering taking this route, and wondered what it feels like after the op - both down in the vagina and if there are any cramps afterwards. They say take paracetomol, but I am wondering if that is strong enough.
Any help welcome

barbie1 Fri 19-Sep-08 13:52:17

sorry about your loss, i had the op on monday and to be honest really didnt feel a thing! the only time it felt strange down there is when they make you pee for the first time after as it hurt like hell and you lose a little blood, sorry for tmi! however since being home i havent taken any form of pain relief at all, i have had some spotting but apart from that all is good, its the mental side of things that that a little longer sad feel free to ask anything you need to know and good luck x

DoubleBluff Fri 19-Sep-08 13:54:02

I had some period type pain after, but not too bad. It is very upsetting though and I did feel groggy after the general anasthetic

rubles Fri 19-Sep-08 18:09:56

Thanks barbie & doubleBluffI went for the confirmation scan this pm and decided on an ERPC for first thing monday am. I asked lots of questions, and I hope it is straight forward and cuts out much of the bleeding like I had last time. That is one of my main reasons for doing it, the other being that I don't want to be coming at an unpredictable time.

Can I ask you something further? If I am booked in for between 8 and 11am, when should I need someone with me. My dp will be able to get to me after dropping the children off elsewhere, at around 9am, but they say he won't be needed to take me home until 1pm. Should I ask for him to come to me at 9am? Did you have someone with you for the whole time? Did you really need someone. I am quite independent but it could be really lonely, I reckon. Or I might be in a state of spaced out shock...I can never predict how I'll feel about things.

barbie1 Fri 19-Sep-08 18:21:02

hi again, well i went in at 9.30 for my scan to make sure sac was still there, i had already had a course of medical management the friday before and it didnt work so was given the option on monday to have the op done, as i wasnt booked in as such i had to wait all day, no food since 8.30am and the worry of what was to come, unlike you i didnt ask anything as im a chicken, ignorance is bliss! the likelyhood is that you will go more towards 11am as they still have to do bloods and lots of paperwork, can you ask hubby to be with from 9, i found it was best to have someone with me, only to take my mind of things, or if you live close call him when they give you the half hour time slot you should be taking, my hubby went home after walking me down to theater, he had a good hour to get a few things for me, i knew i had to stay in because i went down so late. good luck for monday and once you feel ready pop over to the emmsys angels thread, we are all in the same boat and its a nice place to cry, scream, laugh or anything else you might want to do after big hugs smile

harro39 Sat 20-Sep-08 09:18:05

Hi rubles, sorry that you are going through this and again from what you have said on your post! I had EPC on tue dh came with me and they let him stay the whole time he walked me down to theatre at 10 and they told him to go to cafe for an hour so he was there waiting for me when I got back at 11. It is good to have someone there to feel looked after and also the practicalities as you are a bit woozy after the anaesthetic and it's nice to have someone there for the physical support - taking you to the toilet, holding you steady as you get dressed etc. chances are if he can get there for 9 you will have just done the booking in stuff before then and I think you will really appreciate him being there. Also I think it will help him to feel he is doing something as i think the dh's feel so helpless throughout the process. Hope all goes well, i did a thread on surgical management just to give an experience of it also have gone into the emotional side of it a bit since so have a look at that if you havnt already. Good luck for everything on Monday will be thinking of you xxxxx

barbie1 Sun 21-Sep-08 22:54:00

rubles good luck for the morning, thinking about you, its my first day back at work tomorrow and im dreading it! please come over to emmsys angels when you feel up to it xx

harro39 Mon 22-Sep-08 09:24:18

rubles thinking of you today hopefully dh is with you now and things are straightforward. good luck and take care xxxxxx

barbie1 Wed 24-Sep-08 21:18:52

rubles where are you, i hope you are ok, im worried as we havent heard from you...please post soon just so we know how you are, much love x

rubles Thu 25-Sep-08 10:14:34

Sorry barbie1 for worrying you..I haven't been able to face mumsnet, but I am very touched that you are checking on me.

I am fine, for the main. The op was pretty good, much better physically (and emotionally as a knock on effect) than doing it naturally last time. The bleeding has been very light, no after pains, and I actually enjoyed the GA and the woozy after effects. Dp did come, and was a welcome bit of light relief as I was meant to be seen between 8 and 11, but didn't go for the op until 12.30, so that was a lot of time in a cubicle reading trashy magazines.
Apparently I got a 'paper cut' on my cervix so I was in there for 2 hours while they stopped the bleeding and put a stitch on Earth do they get two hands up there to put a stitch in a cervix??

Emotionally, my mind is in shut down about the whole thing. No doubt things will change with time, but at the moment I am focusing on the here and now - my other children and the things I have to get done. It's working for the moment, even if it is not the advised method for a healthy grieving process!

Again, thank you for thinking of me, it does mean more to be thought of by someone who has gone through it recently than people who just feel sorry for me and say things like 'well, I suppose it's for the best, these things happen for a reason so there must have been something wrong' etc etc bla bla bla.

barbie1 Fri 26-Sep-08 16:55:41

I wont write too much but im glad you are ok, please find me again when you are up to it would love to catch up with you. I hope you manage to get through the dark days and see the light that will be waiting for you at the other end, its a hard journey but you are not alone...Im only 2 weeks ahead of you and the grieve has finally come, in fact the tears are here typing away to you, the relief i feel as im letting it out is enormous and im positive for the future, i wish that for you too. Take care and i hope to speak to you one day in the future x

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