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MMC after laser surgery.....

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breany Thu 18-Sep-08 10:59:08

Hi, I'm completely new to this so apologies for lengthy post....I am hoping there may be someone out there that may have been throu my recent experience that can share a shoulder for me....after my 3rd baby last March, I had laser surgery to erase a significant amount of cancerous cells in my cervix, it went well and I got the all clear to try for our last baby. We conceived about 3 months after but I suffered a mmc at 12 weeks. I decided on medical option as I'm petrified of being knocked out and it worked within 4 hours, no pain and all came out complete. Doctors say mc is not related to laser surgery but cannot help but find that hard to believe, consequently I am really scared of it happening again. I would just like to know if there is anyone that know's if this is linked or would just like to chat

pickle78 Thu 18-Sep-08 20:18:30

Hi breany,

sorry to hear of your loss.

I doubt very much that the laser treatment is the cause of your mmc. Laser treatment can (although opinion on this is varied) be linked to an incompetent cervix in later pg, second tri onwards (which if suspected can be stitched until closer to your due date)

I had laser treatment for cancerous cells about 7 years ago but dont think this will be linked to my late miscarriage at 22 weeks. No incomp cervix, as my labour had to be induced. Sadly we don't yet know what caused us to lose our son.

Don't worry about the treatment you've had, this should not impact any pregnancies.

HTH x x

breany Mon 22-Sep-08 21:09:07

thanks for you reply, sorry to here about your loss must have been devastating at 22 weeks. Was this recent?

Since looking at this site, I've been absolutely amazed at how many people have been affected by mc....I've also been shocked at how many people I know have suffered at least one mc. One woman I know suffered 4 in total but in between each she carried a successful pregnancy, so that gives me hope.
It just proves which is the stronger sex, physically and emotionally! wink
I feel sad that you haven't been given any reason for the loss of your son, it's a shame that with all this technology we have now, they cannot give more explanations. If nothing else it would help to gain closure and move on with your life instead of always wondering why? Thanks for your kind words. Take care.
Breany xx

pickle78 Sat 27-Sep-08 13:42:07

I lost my son on 30 July 2008. We have an appointment with our consultant this thursday to hopefully find out the reason for our loss although we are aware there may not be a reason & its just 'one of those things'.

It is like a secret club, you don't know about other members until you find yourself in it. I can understand why, pg is meant to be a happy time & people don't want to hear about what can go wrong.

We are all strong, brave women who will get our happy endings.


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