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91/2 wks pregnant and think I'm miscarrying.. can't get scan for days!

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missusbee Mon 15-Sep-08 21:37:27

Hi everyone. It's the first time I've posted anything on here before, but there seem to be so many of you out there with so many different experiences, I just wondered if anyone might be able to offer some ideas or advice?

I am (was) pregnant with my 4th child and until last Friday though everything was going OK; fewer pregnancy symptoms than usual, but they had at least started to kick in at about 7wks. On friday, I noticed I wasn't feeling sick, or peculiar about foods, or had any breast tenderness anymore. On Saturday,I went to A&E (advised to do so by the maternity unit at our PCT), to be greeted by a doctor who just looked at me incredulously and as if I was mad when I said I was concerned about a mc. I was sent home with the promise that someone would phone today (Mon) to make me a scan appointment. This they did, but the earliest I can get is Wed 24th, which means waiting for another 9 days. To top it all, I've had some spotting too now. I'm prepared for the worst. The hospital said that if the bleeding gets really bad or I'm in much pain to contact A&E again, which isn't the case yet. I know they don't see it as a medical emergency, but it's awful not knowing. Problem is, as it's my 4th, I've started to show (I guess it's the sac rather than the baby), and i know work colleagues are getting suspicious. It's awful not to know whether I'm pregnant or not. A preg test on Sat that I did still showed a strong positive. Should I contact my GP and insist that they get me seen earlier, or is it just bad luck and I need to sit it out? It's a rollercoaster because I've never miscarried before and i constantly have to remind myself that I am so lucky to have three beautiful children already. How can I get upset about a miscarriage, when I have been blessed with so much already. I feel a bit of a fraud, but I still really feel sad about this little one. I could deal with the reality so much better, if I knew what the reality was. Sorry for waffling. If anyone gets to the end of this post, I'd be grateful for any thoughts!

geraldinetheluckygoat Mon 15-Sep-08 21:54:41

Don't feel a fraud, you are perfectly justified in feeling worried, disappointed and sad about this. Waiting to find out what's happening in this situation is agonising and not knowing what's going on is very confusing. I had bleeding in both of my ds's after having a mc with my first pregnancy.
Do you have any pain? How is the bleeding now? Spotting could just be implantation bleeding, with my first ds I bled mostly brown blood and there wasnt much but it did go on for about a week. With the second, I had quite a bit of bleeding, sometimes an alarming amount of new blood and sometimes just spotting. With both I had a sharp pain on one side. With the mc I had general aching, and when the bleeding started i spotted for a couple of days and then got labour type cramps and lots of bleeding. Sorry to be graphic, I think im trying to say that bleeding doesnt necessarily mean that you are having a miscarriage. I think also that symptoms can come and go, and especially when you are looking out for them as a clue as to whats going on, they seem to disappear altogether.
When I have seen specialists for my bleeding, they said that bleedingin early pregnancy is very very common and that it usually doesnt mean miscarriage.
take care of yourself, I hope you get your scan soon and that it has a happy outcome, please don't feel bad for feeling as you do, a threatened miscarriage is traumatic, however many children you already have.

serafinapekala Mon 15-Sep-08 21:57:26

It could be worth contacting your GP and getting them to refer you to your local early pregnancy unit if there is one in your area.

In my case, the EPU scanned me the day after, but I have a feeling that the quality of provision varies widely between areas.

Fingers crossed for you anyway.

EisAHandbagaHolic Mon 15-Sep-08 22:12:36

so sorry you are having to go through such an uncertain time. first things first, please dont feel as if you cant grieve for your lost baby (if it is indeed what is happeningsad) as it makes no difference whether you have no children or 10 children it hurts just as muchsad i think it would be a good idea to pay a visit to your gp as he may be able to refer you to the early pregnancy unit for monitoring. it is perfectly natural for pregnancy symptoms to come and go and even if your previous pregs have had constant symptoms not every preg is the same as you probably already know. please try not to lose hope as it may not be over xx i hope you find some good support on here with whatever happens in the futuresmile i have found this site an invaluable source of advice and support throughout my 3 MCs and my pregnancy with my DDsmile
xx ei xx

tartetatin Wed 17-Sep-08 11:51:49

I could have written your post myself. In Feb I had a silent miscarriage with my fourth pregnancy. Started spotting at 9 1/2 weeks. I couldn't bear to wait for the NHS scan and so bit the bullet and paid for one, which showed what I had been dreading. The miscarriage itself started that evening. I had just the same feelings as you; that I should be grateful for what I had - three gorgeous children, but it didn't prevent the sense of loss. Things do get better. Good luck.

missusbee Fri 19-Sep-08 17:41:08

Hi all, Thanks for all your messages and thoughts. The NHS scan next week was at the EPAU, so bit shocked to find that I'd need to wait over a week. I saw my midwife though who sympathised enourmously and passed me a leaflet for a private scan. I decided to go for one, as I couldn't bear the wait anymore. Got one booked within 48 hrs. As I didn't receive the messages from the priv hospital that the ultrasound machine wasn't working today (phone ran out of juice this am), I duly turned up for my appt. Fortunately though, the consultant was still there and they managed to find a portable one from one of the theatres, as I looked so distressed at the thought of not having a scan. I've been lucky. The baby is fine and well, heart beating and its size is right for my dates. I'm over the moon; I really had written this little one off, especially with the spotting. Still no breast tenderness, but I did feel really sick today... thought it was more nerves though. Thanks again for all your thoughts, they really have helped me! x

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