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Anyone there who can convince me I've got food poisoning instead of having a miscarriage?

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GordonTheGopher Fri 12-Sep-08 08:30:58

Hi, am 5 weeks pregnant. Yesterday afternoon got abdominal pains (definitely different to cramps) which got increasingly worse during the evening with intermittent bouts of diarrhoea and lower back pain.

Got myself worked up into a state by 9pm as dh was still at work in London. Got friend to come over so I could go to on-call doc. She said it wasn't eptopic and sounded like food poisoning as there was no bleeding.

Dh came home finally at 11.45pm by which time I'd calmed down and the spasms in my tummy were much less.

Slept ok and this morning pains are hardly noticeable. Feeling sick but have been anyway.
Got a bit of pink/brown spotting this morning which has stopped. This is probably what worries me the most. sad

Going to see doc this morning - she's going to check me over and do bloods. But what do you think? If I wasn't pregnant I would assume food poisoning or tummy bug because that's what it feels like.

The only thing I've eaten different from my family this week was a MacDonalds shock blush...

LilRedWG Fri 12-Sep-08 08:35:08

Brown blood is old blood, so not a miscarriage, where you get fresh, bright red, blood IME.

I can understand your worry though. Get checked over by your GP and make sure you rest lots this weekend.

Chances are you've had a bug or food poisoning.

belgo Fri 12-Sep-08 08:37:25

The spotting could just be implantation bleeding, but you are right to go to the doctors because any pain and bleeding during pregnancy needs to be checked out.

I'm sorry I can't reassure you more, I hope that the doctor can reassure you and your pregnancy is going well.

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