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Experiences of blighted ovum please

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NarkySparkly Thu 11-Sep-08 15:38:07

Hi all,
Would be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow but on Tuesday night I noticed some brown discharge which then turned into rusty coloured wipes after I had been to the toilet.
The cramps started and I knew I was miscarrying so I went to see my GP for a referral to the early pregnancy unit - he refused to refer me, instead instructing me to go home and rest for 3 days.
We phoned two hospitals but neither of them could see us without a referral so we paid for a private scan last night where a blighted ovum was confirmed, measuring 22mm.
Am now waiting for an appointment for an ERPC but it's not likely to be until Tuesday.
Am just wondering what the chances are of miscarrying naturally by then and looking for advice from people who have been in the same situation.
Thanks for reading.

avenanap Thu 11-Sep-08 23:31:18

I don't have experience of this myself but my sister had a miscarriage like this. She had to have a D&C as the ovum needed testing to find out if the cause was genetic. She now has a healthy little boy.

I am so sorry, it must be a nightmare for you. sad

NarkySparkly Fri 12-Sep-08 09:04:57

Thanks for sharing, aveanap. I'm doing ok at the moment. Lots of people seem to have been through this and come out the other side smiling smile.

Springflower Fri 12-Sep-08 09:59:28

HI, I had a blighted ovum discovered at my dating scan and had a D&C a few days later. Dont think I was really given much choice but since then have had a miscarriage when I decided to wait for it to happen naturally but after a week of nothing happening and constant waiting I decided to go for the medical management. The fact that you have had some symptoms might make it more likely to happen naturally but i think its just chance / hormones as to when it happens. Did you get the option of medical management?

NarkySparkly Fri 12-Sep-08 11:45:57

We had medical management offered to us but the appointment would be on Tuesday (same day as we were offered the D&C). I was told there might only be a 75% chance of it working and I might have to have a D&C anyway. Do you mind me asking why you chose not to have the D&C second time round?

Ripeberry Fri 12-Sep-08 11:57:39

I've had two miscariages like this. The first time was when we first tried for a baby and at around 8 weeks i was getting very bad pains on one side and they were worried it was eptopic.
I remember going to my GP on my moped (did not have a car) and the vibrations from the engine made it so much worse.
I was refered to hospital for an internal scan and they could see the egg sack but nothing with a heartbeat or form inside.
I just had to go home and wait for a heavy period.
I was upset but because it had not formed and had NEVER had a heartbeat it was not so bad.
A few months later i conceived again and was very nervous around 8 weeks, but then morning sickness started and i knew i was OK.
The next time we tried 12 months after my daughter was born, i went as far as 9 weeks and started feeling nauseous but all of a sudden the sickness went and i started bleeding.
It all happened when i was on a romantic break with DH for a couple of nights so was gutting sad.
Again, had quite a heavy period and was not too bad.
A couple of months later conceived again and sickness...another girl smile.
My mum said that the blighted ovums must have been boys (not many boys in our familly) and i just think that my body had to have a practice run each time before i got pregnant.
Don't worry, you will have a heavy period, but as soon as you feel up to it just try again.

goblinvalley Fri 12-Sep-08 12:02:54


Sorry to hear about this sad

I wasn't given the choice of miscarrying normally. The doctor sent me upto the early pregnancy unit and after the scan confirmed the miscarriage i was booked in for the next day.

It's not a bad procedure and they were very nice, but it was still a very rough time.

About a week later i went to see the doc for the results. He was lovely and drew lots of piccies to explain what had happened and that it wasn't likely to happen again, just a cruel twist of fate sad

Take care of yourself. At the time i thought i would never try again - but now i have the most amazing 5 year old - and you will too smile

NarkySparkly Fri 12-Sep-08 15:36:41

It makes me so sad that this has happened to so many people.

The doc just prescribed me so co-dydramol over the phone so they should help.

Springflower Fri 12-Sep-08 22:37:21

Hi, I have had 4 miscarriages in total - first one happened naturally, second was the blighted ovum and had d&c, then had 3 children. 3rd miscarriage was a missed one and I'm not sure why I didnt want the d&c as it had been fine - partly practical I guess as I now had 3 children to look after (and partner works away) and I just didnt want an operation if I could avoid it. If anyone had asked in advance I would have thought I couldnt stand the thought of going around with a dead baby (sorry if that is too graphic) inside me but it didnt feel like that at the time. When it didnt happen naturally though I did feel like i needed something to happen to start moving on as it felt like I was just waiting and waiting.

As it was though, the medical management wasnt that successful and despite spending a day in hospital ended up not passing the sac for nearly a week. I would still choose it again though but I think it is a really individual decision to make. Good luck.

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