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EmilyRae Wed 10-Sep-08 23:49:43

Hello ladies, I've posted a topic called THREATENED MISCARRIAGE. Now i have a few questions about what happens still spotting sometimes its bright red sometimes brownish...i never had cramps or heavy hcg is still slowly rising and this has been going on for over 2 weeks, i've had 2 vaginal and a transvaginal scans both showed nothing in my tubes or in my uterus...i found out i was pregnanct the day my period was due and 3 days later was spotting when i went to the er they said miscarriage right away since my hcg was low and i had spotting, at that time my cervix was closed and still is...i've been getting my hcg down every 2 days and its slowly going up...however i did have it drop in have down on my second that time i was 4 weeks since my last period, now im 6 weeks part my period...the obgyn will not see me cause i've been diagnosed with the bleeding now considered a period..should i be waiting for a big bang of some sort..they haven't told me anything, jus that i need my hcg checked until it goes down...what if it doesn't? Could i have already conceived home urine test are still positive actually i got my darkest 2 lines today at first they were very jus very confused ALL DETAILS ABOUT MY LEVELS ARE ON THE TOPIC THREATENED MISCARRIAGE thanx for any post

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